New Business Ventures

The text is somewhat disorganized and like one of a madman's writing however it shows some scribbles at first and drawings, mostly of a failed Fox and a Bear, but mostly that is it. At the start you can clearly state out some key words, such as Grandfather, Todsi, Erebor, Ironhills, Angollon, Barrow-downs. Then it starts to descend into somewhat of a organized and easily readable manner.

It seems to me that I am promoted, instead of leading the caravan, I own it, and I am a Dwarven Trade Emissary to the Auburn Company, but what is more concerning to me is what I saw and endured at the damn Burrows, although they say it can drive you mad, I don't believe so, at least it can't to we Dwarves; for we are very hardy when it comes to corruption and the like. Though I am going to rest in Orlin's halls while he leads the Caravan, I have mailed a note to the Dwarves in the company telling them. I am somewhat glad though that I now own the caravan, but saddened with the events. Another thing that is interesting is that Elirior actually owns, or rather co-owns, a brawling club which went out a while ago, but wishes to continue it, which I may aid with. For it is a new way to gain me some profit, and it isn't illegal at that, and somewhat is of honorable combat. May Mahal bless me.