Leadership Changed to Orlin

By the Decree of the Trading and Caravan Association of Erebor, partnered with the Blue Mountains Trade, it has been with great regret that we have decided to place Orlin, your cousin, as the leader of the Caravan for now, but you will still own it, yet not lead it. It has also been decided that you will be an Trade Emissary to the Auburn Company. It has been good working with you in the Field, it has been decided that with your expert expertise when it comes to business and all things related to a merchant hence it is only appropriate to 'promote' you per se, to a owner of a caravan. This has been signed and accepted by the Dwarves of your Caravan, and highly approved of by the Trading and Caravan Association of Erebor, and the Blue Mountains trade. May Mahal guide you and your Caravan!