A Second Letter from Mithlond

The following is penned in Sindarin, save for an occasional phrase in Quenya:

Scribed in the Great Library of Pegolodh in Mithlond,
On this the 67th day of Hrívë in the Year 3018 of the Third Age of the Sun.

Greetings to you, Angollon son of Ioriston.

My thanks to you for consenting to assist us with this undertaking; and yet this responsibility you have accepted carries with it yet another task that I would ask of you. For I have learned from Isferon that when you are not travelling, much time do you spend in the Scholar's Enclave in Duillond; indeed, more time than you spend at your home in Falathlorn.

Now yet young in years you are, and mayhap your thoughts will turn to uncertainty and self-doubt. But I deem your youth is indeed a boon, for you delight still in the world about you, and the fire of your spirit is not hindered by the weight of years; for the burden of memory is still light upon you and your mind is yet turned ever outwards.

A sam’ estel nisse.

And this task is thus: that whomsoever you enlist for Istari Nalmë, in time to come you should collect or copy from them what manuscripts and maps they might produce, and create an repository within the Enclave for their safe-keeping; an archive of lore. Reproductions you must also prepare, and these copies send to Elrond's Library in the Last Homely House East of the Sea, and here to the Library of Pengolodh in Mithlond.

For although the Time of the Elves is drawing ever to its end, the lore of our kin shall endure, and your endeavours will see this through.

But the task I set before you is twofold, for in time you shall want for a hall of greater capacity in which to house this archive of lore; and also we would like a sanctuary where visiting scholars of Istari Nalmë might sojourn ere they travel hither to the Grey Havens for to take ship to Valinor, or should they need journey east into Eriador.

Therefore it is my wish that you create such a hall in the name of Istari Nalmë in Falathlorn beside the Lhûn; but fear not, for we in Mithlond shall assist with its expense, and also shall we send to you books and scrolls enough that you need not use the modest library of the Enclave for your studies any longer.

Indeed, it would please me for you to make it your abode, and ever shall you be nearby your beloved books.

Hantanyet órenyallo!

Now Isferon reports also that you are at present journeying to Imladris, and that to you he has given a letter to deliver there to Forgamthan of Elrond's Library; and he has told me of its contents.

Therefore I say to you, Angollon son of Ioriston, it is imperative that Forgamthan receives this letter, for it concerns certain knowledge that he needs must impart to you; knowledge that your father shared with him.

For this day did Ioriston long prepare; alas, even as he returned home to be with you upon the day you came of age. For on that day it was that he would to speak with you of this matter of great import, had he not regrettably perished.

But now it is with Forgamthan, closest of friends and confidant of your father, that you must speak.

Nai tielyar nauvar laice ar hwesta nauva canalyesse.


Annúngilthor of Lindon
Chief Attendant
Library of Pengolodh


This document may be found in the Istari Nalmë Archive of Lore within the Scholar's Enclave in Duillond.

Disclaimer: The 'Great Library of Pengolodh in Mithlond' is my own invention, and therefore does not exist in J.R.R. Tolkien's Legendarium nor in the world of LotRO.