The Journey: Accounts of the Past

I have received the account of the past about Belegost and the acts of violence that had fractured the friendship between Elves and Dwarves. It is certainly interesting, yes, but also concerning. Though, I believe if perhaps the Elves did not just ask for the jewels which our fathers had made, but perhaps it was misunderstood, however I shall not think further of it, as I now know, but that does not mean that I should dwell upon the past. We are going to have to address it sooner or later though, but for now that must wait. Orin and I had another wonderful dinner, it was simply better then what I have had to 'endure' in this 'interesting' town. At least he is making it somewhat better. Although it has some good people, and interesting, or funny. But it does seem bad as Angollon says, or at least so far. Perhaps I am just missing my home in my halls in Erebor, or perhaps not, only time could say. It is interesting that Bree-town has a well-organized library that holds quite the interesting books and scrolls of knowledge. I can see why Angollon only simply likes the library, and not the town. Mahal guide them, guide them all.