A Letter from Mithlond

The following is penned in Sindarin, save for an occasional term or phrase in Quenya:

Scribed in the Great Library of Pengolodh in Mithlond,
On this the 50th day of Hrívë in the Year 3018 of the Third Age of the Sun.

Greetings to you, Angollon son of Ioriston.

Long did your father work alongside us in preserving and developing the Great Library of Pengolodh that was bequeathed to him by Lord Elrond Half-elven in the Second Age.

It is with respect to his memory that I write these words to you, for although you are but a student of lore and not a loremaster qualified, and yet a novitiate in the vocation of scholar, you were well known to us all during your childhood these past fifty years, and so too are you held ever trustworthy.

Always shall we cherish your youthful days spent within our halls learning from him the lore of Fëanor's Tengwar and the Cirth, or engrossed in a copy of Ainulindalë or the Valaquenta.

Alas that following your father's grievous death, you chose to remove from Mithlond into Eriador rather than remain here and continue your studies. However, it has now come to pass that your removal could perhaps be fortuitous for we of the Great Library.

For it is deemed amongst the Wise that during these dark days when the Shadow of the East reaches ever across the lands of Middle-earth, an informal cooperative faithful to Arda Envinyanta should be established whereby scholars throughout Eriador might collaborate, thus furthering the aid we provide to the Free Peoples of Middle-earth whom we all serve.

This cooperative is named Istari Nalmë, and messages we have sent to the scholars and loremasters of Duillond and Celondim; and of Gondamon and Thorin's Halls; and of the Scholar's Stair Archives in Bree and the Mathom-house of Michel Delving; and to Lord Elrond's Library in Imladris.

But beyond these principle centres there are also those scholars who abide in the small villages and towns, and yet even in the wild places, and it is our hope that during your travels across Eriador, you would share tidings of its formation with any of these scholars you might encounter.

Hantanyel, Angollon. Mára valto.

Nai lassi cuilelyo úvar fire.


Annúngilthor of Lindon
Chief Attendant
Library of Pengolodh


This document may be found in the Istari Nalmë Archive of Lore within the Scholar's Enclave in Duillond.

Disclaimer: The 'Great Library of Pengolodh in Mithlond' is my own invention, and therefore does not exist in J.R.R. Tolkien's Legendarium nor in the world of LotRO.