At the Staddle Market

After a few days Miss Cesistya said as Mister Brockhouse were well enough to talk with, but needed another day afore he could go for a short walk, and then only by pony or waggon. So we decided to go to Staddle to speak to this Forsythia Attereeve our own selves. Miss Adri knew a constable there what could direct us to the Attereeves -- turned out it were the one I been bringing goblin-bounties to, but I didn’t know as it would be -- so she, Beoda, Miss Cesistya, and me went to the Staddle Market and met Forsythia's pa, Ferumbras, what was selling soup, and also butter, I later heard. I got a crock of chicken soup and mean to heat it up for tomorrow's breakfast! Not had chicken since I left the Mark!

So we come to find out that Forsythia cooks most of the soup now on account her ma is old and gets tired easy, and that's also why they didn't go to the Yulemath in Hobbit-town this last year. Forsythia hasn't had a suitor, and there's not many eligible bachelor hobbits around, so they figured as if she didn't have one yet there wouldn't be one. In fact, seems Nob has played jokes on them about it and they got real angry thinking us asking about Bogo was another such a joke. The only thing as convinced them we wasn't lying is reminding them of the previous Yulemath, and Forsythia remembering Bogo -- but since she never heard from him after she thought it was just being merry at a festival. They had no idea he was from so far away!

So tomorrow night there's to be a Midnight Bonfire of Solmath out near the lake, not far from my old camp. Soon as I heard about it I wanted to ask Beoda to go with me since that's the sort of thing you do when courting, and there'll be music we can dance to, and merriment, and I hope our friends will be there. So we're also thinking as that'll be a good time for Bogo to see Forsythia again, since that's about when he'll be allowed to go out. I'm borrowing a pony from the stables to bring him out there on, and we got to make sure he don't overdo it -- no dancing, not too much rich food, and all.

We're hoping it'll be a good place for him and Forsythia to meet again, and talk, and see how they feel after so much time, and if they still want to court. No idea how they can court from so far apart, but If they still want to, after we bring Bogo back to Brockenborings, it'll be on him and his family, and her and hers, to figure out how. I kinda hope as they do, somehow. I'm courting a girl from halfway across the world from my home, so why can't Bogo?