*Midnight Bonfire of Solmath


February 9th, 2018
Pierson's Farm / Halecatch Lake, South of Bree

Event details:
Midnight Bonfire of Solmath

Let it be said that the elves sing many strange songs to the stars, and dwarrow masters have worked their craft with the secrets of moonlight, but in the world of men and little-folk, it is the light of the fire which keeps us. By the roaring hearth that battles the winter, the crackling cookfires of roasted meat, the small lantern that shakes the shadows from of the edges of the dark road - we shall ever feast, and sing, and live in the glow of the fire.

Come on the 19th evening of Solmath

(Feb 9th 18:00/6pm in-game time)

Bring lanterns, candles, whatever you please
Drink and dance by the campfire under the stars
On account of the changing winds,
the fire will be instead at the south edge of the fields

at Pierson's Farm
marked on the map above

Musicians of any talent are welcome

There is a quiet shelter in the orchard
For all who've had their fill of revelling



OOC details:

((The location has moved to avoid wandering creatures which might attack low level characters.))
((18:00 server-time is scheduled with the nightfall in-game. 19:00 will be nightfall in-game.  This is a small, in-character RP event.  If you can play an instrument or light a campfire your skills will be much appreciated. Send a note to Syaven if you want to chat about the event.))


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