Sizzling Turtle Tavern - Monthly RP Event

The Sizzling Turtle Tavern in the Bree village of Hookworth, is now open to any folks who'd like to stop by and enjoy a cozy setting of good food and drink, and a warm fire.

October 29th, 2017 to October 28th, 2018
3:00pm EST (9:00pm GMT)
2 Broadford Street, Hookworth Homestead, Bree-land

Event details:

A few miles east of Bree-town, the little village of Hookworth lies beyond a quietly guarded gate, and has long been a beacon of rest and refuge to passersby. The village tavern, known as The Sizzling Turtle, is renowned for its menu and drink selection, and has hosted many special events, wedding receptions, and parties. Locals and travelers alike are welcome to put up their feet, share a story, and kick back with a pint of their choosing! In the warm months, there are picnic tables beneath the trees outside, and a stream nearby for anyone who wants to dip their toes!

OOC details:

Open RP the last Sunday of each month at 3pm servertime/EST (8pm GMT)

The tavern bar is manned by an NPC serving lass, and the kitchen is run by an NPC cook. 

If you'd like to use the tavern for RP at other times, please contact any one of the kinship officers! 

Fall/Winter menu:

Spring/Summer menu:


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