Dance of Summer II (NEW DATE)

The elves of Ered Luin gather near the docks of Celondim to share music and dance in celebration of summer, to welcome warmer, lighter days, and share bonds of friendship with our own people.

August 26th, 2017
3:00 pm server time
Celondim Pavilion (29.2S, 92.6W)

Event details:

Ever lovers of tradition, nature, and songs, the elves near Celondim are gathering to observe the beauty of summer with one another. Some elves bring their finest food and drinks to lay out upon the grass while everyone pulls out their choice instruments and take turns striking up a melody. A crisp, refreshing sea breeze floats upon the warm summer air and lifts the elves up into a merry and graceful dancing that lasts until the sun sets and stars begin to glimmer above in the night sky.

OOC details:

Come celebrate summer in an atmosphere keeping with the traditions of Tolkien’s elves, sharing music, drink, food, and company!

All players are welcome, but as we want to remain true to the lore, please bring an elven character. Celondim is the starter area, so a quick roll through the intro with an elf character should enable anyone to attend even if they don’t have an elf character currently.

Any elf can volunteer to play at the event as long as the music is appropriate for an elven event. Please bring instruments on the day of the celebration if you wish to play a song or two.

To find the Celondim Pavilion, head south from the Celondim docks until you see a staircase. Walk up and through the archway at the top. Continue to walk down the path until you reach the pavilion.


A look at last year's event can be found here.


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