The Shadow Walkers: The Way Back Home

And thus the last (or maybe not?) journey of the Shadow Walkers began. With Sauron gone, it was like a weight was lifted from their souls. The journey was long but certainly fun in a way and sad in another.

They passed through Gondor, stopping in Bar Hurin, Arnach, Pelargir, Linhir and Lamedon, and they eventually went through the former Paths of the Dead. None of them ever feared this place, whatsoever. In Rohan, they made fewer stops, and they typically stayed in the wild, except that one time they went to an inn in one of the towns and drank some mead together.

After exiting Rohan, they grew restless and wanted to go back to Eriador as soon as possible. They passed through Lothlórien and they entered the Court of Celeborn, where Ornessar learned of the plans of Lord Celeborn and King Thranduil, now that Lady Galadriel had sailed West and the power of Nenya had diminished. Ornessar and Calaerneth kept those in mind, and they started moving again. They passed through Khazad-dûm and paid a dwarrow stable-master to safely take them to the other side with the help of some of his special mounts.

Getting outside Moria, they finally reached Eregion, and Ornessar got flashbacks of the tidings of the Second Age, and his tidings with The Red Company there. Anyway, in the end they finally passed through the Trollshaws, the Lone-Lands and Bree-land, and they made their way to somewhere near Staddle. And that was where the two friends would split up for an unknown period of time. Katrandil would finally see her loved one and then ride to Esteldin with him and stay there with her kin, and Ornessar would wander around Eriador for a while, and then turn back to (an almost emptied) Rivendell with her. He would still visit his friend from time to time, though. Anyway, the two friends hugged one another tightly and shed some tears of sadness. They said they'd both miss one another, but if given a chance, they'd fight by one another's side or go on an adventure with each other once again.


And this, my friends, must be the end of the tale of the Forngarmo - or is it not? Only time will show the future, it seems...