She had the order. A request uttered in forced desperation. It was clear, she had to retreat and cover the rear of the party, in case something should surprise them when confronting the Good Captain. Yes, he was of human kind, but the tales of Telpenaro had showed them that he was driven by revenge upon the elves, and had forces to impart great damage on the small party. He had not let them rest one minute...

The Good Captain...

Lady Danel urged her to go, once more, and Himwen turned on the heel to obey. Traversing the big square without being seen had not been so easy, even with her training. Somewhere very close she heard a muffled thud and realised it was her own right shoulder the dart had sunken in to. Her waiver had given the enemy enough time to spot her, though her momentum kept her going and she quickly reached the 20 foot wide gate from which they had emerged. She took refuge inside the empty gateway, keeping the party in sight. The ashen cold stone wall gave her some shelter, but it did nothing for the pain. With a jerk, she broke the shaft of the dart. If it was barbed, she would bleed out if she pulled it free completely. Hopefully lady Norliriel would be able to heal her once they were away from this place. Again, she glanced at the party, Nanthon and Telpenaro ready to pounce on the Good Captain as he arrived. Their disguises hid them well, and for some reason, whoever had shot her had not spotted the rest of the group hiding nearby. She hoped that they would be able to finish what they came for and in haste.

A few moments later, Himwen sagged along the wall. All her strength had somehow leaked out of her being. In an attempt to stay erect, she leaned on her spear and braced against the wall. Her right arm had begun to feel numb. Was the dart poisoned? It must have been. She was stronger than this! In a desperate effort to stop herself from losing control completely, she dropped the shield to the ground and hung un to the spear shaft. Her limbs refused to obey, and she slowly sagged down the wall to a sitting position, legs sprawled out in front of her. A movement in the corner of her eye caught her attention and she slowly turned her head towards it. Her grip on the spear began to loosen, as the poison spread through her veins. Her vision was blurred, but even then, she could make out several large forms encroaching on her hiding place. Thanks to the poison, Himwen had no voice, she could not scream. The Yrch would easily slip past her and disrupt the operation. Lady Danel and the others would know nothing of the threat that loomed over them. Somehow the Yrch knew that she would be no threat to them, however, as they took their time to approach. Or perhaps they thought she would spring up like a weed and attack them if they came too close. Her head lost the function of its muscles and as it slowly tilted to the side, her muddled thoughts went to her loving husband, hopefully safe in Rivendell. How she missed his face, his embrace. Would he be able to move on? She thought no more as darkness enveloped her and everything went black.

With a gasp, she sat up, blinking away the tears. The vision had been there again, as it had been before. It would not leave her, it pressed her to return. With a grateful sigh, she sat up as the group readied themselves to depart. The Good Captain was no more, Telpenaro and Nanthon had seen to that. The threat was gone. Then why did she have these visions every time she went to rest? They haunted her, pryed at her being, kept her on the edge when her body was exhausted and her focus was spent. Soon she would become more of a liability than a help to those around her.

The journey had continued further into enemy lands and a short respite with the Dunedain had given them time to recuperate somewhat. Lady Danel had awoken from her deep slumber and they had all deftly traversed this forsaken land by avoiding direct contact with the enemey as much as they could. Helcequen was convinced that there would be a passage back to Rivendell somewhere to the north. They would try and find that path and hopefully be able to return home. Himwen realised that they did not have enough food or water to last all that way for all of them. She knew she would have to find a way to let them go, to trust that they would make it back safely without her help. The thought assailed her, she was not one to give up so easily. But as lady Danel asked for a messenger to deliver the news of their whereabouts back to Imladris via the Dunedain camp, she volunteered. Carniquesse had a wounded hand and Nanthon would be invaluable to scout ahead. Therefore, the logical choice would be to send one of the wardens. She accepted the letter from lady Danel and said her farewells to them all before trudging back the way they had come. To the Dunedain camp and then? She did not know. Reports had come in to say lord Celephindir would be out here somewhere, perhaps searching for them. Lord Celephindir! With a snarl, she muttered to herself "He better not have become captive somewhere! That strut would not survive one day without his haircomb! And I am not saving him!"