The Shadow Walkers: Aiding The World Of Men

Ornessar and Calaerneth were too worried to speak with their voices throughout their trip, so they mostly talked with their minds instead. After all, elves like Ornessar and Calaerneth have this certain ability.

As they travelled, Ornessar was telling Calaerneth his story about those particular locations in full detail, as well as some historical details about the places they visited. They went to Imloth Melui, Arnach, Pelargir, Linhir, and Calembel. As they visited those cities, they made sure everything was alright, they supported the local market, and provided their aid in anything the cities might need. Eventually they entered Dol Amroth, which was the place they would stay in for a while. They sat near the port to rest, and then they made their way into the rest of the city. They had a long conversation with the Lords of the City, and they stayed in it for two weeks since they had many things to do there. 

Eventually, they went back to Minas Tirith, letting King Elessar know they'll visit Rohan next, to aid the Rohirrim in rebuilding and repopulating their cities, and helping them reinstate their economy. And so they did. After several weeks, Rohan looked much better than it did before. Under King Éomer's rule, Rohan was finally seeing its golden days come back to life. The curse of Wyrgende was finally broken, and so did the stone on which the curse was engraved. The might of Rohan was restored. 

Ornessar was glad the Rohirrim were not afraid of Elves anymore since many of them had socialized with Legolas in the past, and they saw with their own eyes that Elves are neither mighty sorcerers that curse them and their land, nor harmful beasts. Anyway, after their job there had ended, they returned to Minas Tirith once again.