Merchants of Bree

Founded in 2014
To make a more successful life, have fun, and above all, learn something new
Main area of operations
Kinship type
We don't like to get involved in fights, so we have no enemies at this time.
Kinship status Disbanded


Cisel is a young lass, who grew up in Beggar's Alley and forced to be a thief.  However, she finally decided to try and change her life and become a merchant.  She started the Merchants of Bree to make new friends who also wish to make an honest living.  Anyone is welcomed as long as they promise to not be cruel.  For little Cisel just wishes for those of Bree to become friends instead of enemies.


Cisel is not a leader, she is just a young girl and the members are all to be friends ICly.  But if anyone does hurt a member of the Merchants of Bree, kinmember or not, she will deal with it like a leader.  Also note that the people of Merchants of Bree are not expected to do anything specific, but if any have a specific job they would like to do, then all ideas will be listened to and considered.


1. No Trolling, Metagaming, or Overpowering, we will not tolerate that and you'll have only have one warning before being kicked.

2. Be nice to everyone, kinmembers or not.  

3. Keep OOC and IC separate, if you start to mix them together, then it becomes all confusing and makes RPing no fun.

4. Try to avoid fights, however it is not always so easy to do so.  So defend yourself by all means, but do not start a fight.

5. Lorebreaking is not acceptable, however lorebending is allowed.  If you are unsure of whether you are breaking lore or not, just ask any officer.

6. Above all, be nice and have fun.  We are all here for enjoyment, so let us keep this quite enjoyable. :)

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