Dawn before Fornost fields


Restless night, she was glad that night has come and succumbed before dawn and day. Sleep was restless and haunted with damned dreams. The faster they pack and cross this cursed lands toward Evendim gates, the better.

- Aaaah! - Briannon yawns as blinking at the first rays of sun rising behind hills in the east.

- Cup of tea, my Skylark? - Hiath asked with smile that softened his tired expression. He didnt sleep at all.

- Thank you, love, why dont you take a nap before we leave, you look dreadful. - Briannon asked while holding cup of tea with both of her hands, while taking a seat next to him.

- No, better we leave this ..whisper-lands. Then I will take a nap and good sleep. - Hiath shakes his head and wraps an arm around her, giving a loving kiss at side of her forehead. "So small, so fierce and such powerful snore you have." he squeezed her as chuckling.

Briannon gasps - I do not snore!  You do! - and sends an elbow into his side as smiling. Hiath chuckles and starts to kiss her neck as with other hand he tried to take a cup of her hand. She let him do it and he placed it as far as his hand went off the bedroll. 

- Lets show this shrieks and moans in the wind how its done. - Hiath raised a brow as always when he had some naughty thoughts brewing. 

It was noon when they left camp, quite later then they tought they will, but with smile on their lips. Silence was in the wind as they crossed the path to Evendim gates.

- I think they cower before you Briannon. Such screams and moans they probably never heard. - 

They burst into the hearty laughter, and fog before them cleared and they saw stone gates of Evendim.