Edain o Ithilien

Founding date
To bring Men from Ithilién together throughout the Northern reaches of the Middle-Earth.
Main area of operations
Bree...will expand.
Kinship type
None yet...perhaps in time...
All enemies of Gondor without a question.
Kinship status
Recruiting Officer(s)


"From master archives in Minas Tirith, by unknown author"

Our story begins from time when race of Men and elves banded together, forming the Last Alliance and to oppose Mordor and it's dark lord, Sauron. It is no great secret that our alliance defeated the enemy and peace was won, yet the story does not end there.

After the victory and peace returned, many denizens began to arrive and farm the lands of Ithilién, men and elves alike. Our work on the other hand, did not end in the victory. In 2002 of the Third Age, our fortress Minas Ithil was conquered by the enemy and renamed in mockery into Minas Morgul so a company of scouts were tasked to maintain security  over all Ithilién and thus it was called the Watchfull peace.

In 2475 of the Third Age. the Watchfull peace was broken when orcs and uruks from Mordor marauded the land. Although it was heroically defended by Boromir the first, the security of Ithilién never returned to what it once was. During 2901 of the Third Age, our enemy's attacks became so severe, the people of Ithilién fled to west side of river Anduin and when our worst fears became true and the return of our ancient enemy had been confirmed, the land was truly abandoned.

Even then, Gondor had it's eyes over Ithilién in a form of our forefathers, whom had been sent to scout, watch and harash the enemy before us. Until the 2954, when the Mount Doom spit it's firey contents and ensured the return of our enemy, none else dared to stay. This was the beginning of our time, the story of Men of Ithilién.

//based on information in http://lotr.wikia.com/wiki/Ithilien//


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