Warband of Imladris

Founding date
Founded Feb 2010
To honour the Alliance of old between Elves and Men (The kin is made of Elves and Men only. 80/20% mix. The Kinship is elvish in style and content)
Main area of operations
Securing the borders of Imladris. Offering protection for those travelling the western road to Imladris. They also undertake tasks as directed by the Council of Lord Elrond. The Kinship follows the Elven way of life in Imladris.
Kinship type
Inhabitants of Imladris (Rivendell)
Kinship status
Active and recruiting
Recruiting Officer(s)
Speak with any of the Kinship for information





The Warband of Imladris are a rank 10 Kinship who hail from Rivendell. They are chosen from the elves who dwell within the Vale and from certain rare individuals from the race of men. The warband follow an elven way of life under the patronage of Lord Elrond. They honour the last Alliance of Elves and Men often spoken about by Lords and Ladies of Rivendell.

All classes are welcome in the kinship, all that is asked is that your background is justified. The varied backgrounds from the two races can often lead to some very original roleplay.

 Our role is to be able to have immersive, enjoyable roleplay with our characters not only as they go about the work of the Lord of Rivendell but also as they explore Middle Earth.


With the destruction of Eregion the White Council decided that it would be abandoned in favour of Imladris (Rivendell). Near the end of the second age the Last Alliance of Elves and Men was formed and the combined army departed from Imladris led by Elendil and Gil-galad. In the battles that ensued both Elendil and Gil-galad were killed in the Siege of Barad-dur, but both Elrond and Cirden who were stood at their side survived.

Elrond returned to Imladris to dwell with his family, look to the defence of his people and the security of the Vale.

 In the year 2851TA Gandalf meets with the White Council and Elrond decides send riders out to gather news from across Arda. Thus the Warband we know now is formed led by the Lady Elisbeth Starfire. Given to her command are two warriors the first being Tagos a young warrior skilled with sword and bow who came to Imladris from the fringes of Mirkwood. The second was Khalis Imieran a young promising warrior who had ridden with Elladan for many years as one of his company. The three gathered a few others to their warband and were sent out on many varied missions by the Council of Elrond in service to Imladris. In time Elrond saw the need to encompass menfolk in this unique group to enable them to fulfil their role more effectively. Thus the warband came to be a group honouring the last Alliance of Elves and Men.

Kin Structure

The Warband is formed around a handpicked group who have specialist skills and experience who being mostly elven follow the elven way of life. The tasks given to them by the Council of Imladris are often very varied in nature which utilise the unique skill sets possessed by those serving in their company. Because of this the Warband are given the best armour and weapons Imladris can provide to enable them to fulfill this varied role.

The Warband company of Maethor, those who carry out the will of the Council have a rank structure detailed below.

Megil, Neth – New Sword – These are individuals who have shown some promise and who are serving a probationary period with the Warband.

Maethor, Leutha – Chosen Warrior – Those who complete a probationary period with the Warband and who have impressed the elven lords are asked to take Oath by way of a ceremony and become one of the Chosen. They have shown their respect to the elven way of life and are thus respected by the elves dwelling in Imladris.

Maethor, Sil – Shining Warrior – These are exemplary individuals who through dedication and years of service have demonstrated their ability to lead and serve Imladris. If chosen they are guided through an ancient ceremony in Imlad Gelair where they emerge as Maethor,Sil.

There are also the Tiri Daethor (warrior who watches for shadow). These are members who have particularly strong ties to a region and thus have a lot of local knowledge which enables them not only to go unnoticed but to also notice very quickly anything which might be out of the ordinary.

The Warband of Imladris like any organised group requires the support of many fields thus there are others who answer the calling whether that’s to serve as Scholars, swordsmiths or other vocations who dwell among the various houses in Imladris.


The Warbands mandate can take them anywhere their feet and horses can take them, and their tasks vary immensely. Many at first consider the warband to be just like a small army force but in truth they are anything but. Their past tasks have involved liasing with the rangers along the western borders, keeping an eye on the comings and goings in Bree or delivering important messages.

But there are times when its time to bring the fight to the enemy such as in Carn Dum, Helegrod, and beyond the eastern mountains to Mirkwood.

If you know their standard it can be seen sometimes flying from their pennants as they ride the highways. Such a wide range of tasks requires a very varied skill set and as such the Warband Officers are always willing to speak with those who would seek a place among their fellows. Its not just about fighting, it’s a way of life.







Leadership of the Warband

The leader of the Kin (Tur) known as 'The Voice' by the Warband is currently Nystal Maldranthe, he is literally the Voice of the Warband for all matters dealing directly with the Grey Council.

To advise Nystal Maldranthe in all matters there is a small company of Officers (Caun), these are.

Khalis Imieran who is currently the Warband Captain, a long term companion of Elisbeth Starfire.

Elisbeth skills lie in the knowledge of the arcane, for she has spend many centuries studying all the archives in Imladris. She was the first to bear the mantle of the "Voice" of the Warband.

Virthalion - Advisor to arcane matters and the forces of nature.


(seen left to right Khalis, Elisbeth and Tagos)

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Azgarzir Azgarzir, Elf-Friend Man
Caleniel Caleniel Gladrandir Elf
Elisbeth Elisbeth Starfire Elf
Elveaner Elveaner Elf
Helcequen Helcequen Elf
Irulian Irulian Fairmeadow Elf
Khalis Khalis Imieran - Captain of Imladris Elf
Nystal Nystal Maldranthe Elf
Osilivren Osilivren Annedur Elf
Reeger Reeger, Lόrien Lookout Elf
Tagos Tagos Elf
Torrian Torrian Man
Virthalion Virthalion Draugul Elf

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