Brewing Blackstar

”Blackstar can be used purely for enjoyment, and is generally safe for adults in that matter, but it can also be used for medicinal purpose. It lowers anxiety, speeds up recovery and slows the weakening of body from inactivity in general. Whoever drinks it will get a sensation of warmth, and makes them feel more content.”

Elvealin was looking at her recipe book called ”Winery Finery of Lórien”, where she also kept the recipe for the white mead which was much appreciated by the court of the Lady. She had to know many things because she used to work as a handmaiden of the Lady.

Blackstar, or Morel wine, was a medicinal wine that was sometimes served to patients, and it's name was given for it's dark, almost black colour. She had suggested to Elloen that she could make some concerning Estarfin, since Elloen has told her that he does not like to be reminded of his weak moments. Then perhaps a cure which is safe and all the same pleasant to consume, would do. She had heard that Danel said that even he used to consume a lot of wine in the past, perhaps medicinal use could be allowed.

She started to read the list on ingredients. Elloen had already brought the bark. ”Blackcurrants, elderberries, hawthorn berries, rose petals, yeast, purified water, cinnamon bark, linseed, mallorn honey”... She looked at the jar of mallorn honey which was half consumed. Some in Lórien called it ”liquid gold” - whatever food or remedy it was used on, it always seemed to bring out all the good qualities of it. Because of the closed borders of Lórien it was hard to come by outside it. She watched it glittering in the candlelight. ”There goes the rest,” she thought, ”but perhaps I'll get more once I'll arrive there”. She looked up, as she realized that her decision about leaving with her kin to Lórien later on had already been made.

”Boil purified water with cinnamon bark, linseed and mallorn honey. Taste the mix once in a while and remove the bark when cinnamon has given it's flavour, but hasn't made it too bitter. Add the rest of the ingredients except the rose, and boil until the mixture is dark and fruit is mushy. Cool it down. Add yeast and rose petals, let it ferment at least for one week. Filter the drink and bottle it up”.

With a nod, she went to start the preparations. While the water was boiling, she went on to read more instructions, apparently about the treatment.

”If the drink is served for patients, see that it is given in moderation few times a day in the appropriate hours, so the patient stays content. The drink is very rich and bold in taste and thus also very high in nutrition, so exceeding the dosage won't give any extra health benefits, but rather tipsiness.”

Parnard had suggested that Laurelindo should know what he is giving to his patient, so Elvealin started copying the ingredients and instructions in a letter the best she could.