Sharkey's Men

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Founding date
The waning years of the Third Age.
Enforcering the will and command of Sharkey.
Main area of operations
The Shire and Bree-Land
Kinship type
Shady Men around Bree and Greedy Hobbits in the Shire.
The Blackwolds are their rivals as well as some watchers in Bree who do not trust these strangers and queer folk.
Kinship status
Dormant (not recruiting)
Recruiting Officer(s)


Goals and aims.

"Sharkey's Men" is not just an average bandit-kinship or an association for thieves. Nor are they cruel and vicious conquerors from Angmar bent on dominating the Bree-land area. We try to represent the agents of Sharkey that could be found in Bree and the Shire in the last years of the Third Age. In the Shire they would try to gain influence and buy luxury goods that they send South to an unknown location. In Bree they could be the grumbling folk that sneer at you in the inn or growl at you from the comfort of an alley yet this is only what most folk in town would experience from this kinship. We act more from the side line and outside of Town, not being a true visible threat to the men of Bree or the Hobbits from the Shire.

We do intent on filling the White hand outposts around the Bree-land zone and offer role play in those locations.

If you want to join.

We mainly seek people that want to act as Bree-landers that are lured by the promise of wealth and power to join up with these strangers from the South. The name Sharkey (and its true meaning) should be unknown to the people from Bree-land and our true purpose is even more in the Dark. If you are from any other place (Rohan, Gondor) than we have to discuss your position with you a bit more thoroughly yet it should not be a large problem.

Even though this kinship is mainly based around the race of men, we do allow hobbits to join in special circumstances. It all depends on your role and your character. A man could willingly help us or he could be forced to. In the same way you could interact as a Hobbit. A farmer from the Shire that willingly sells his produce or is forced to give it to these strange men from outside of the Shire.

Possible Roles for new Recruits

Our "front" for our activities in Bree is Mr Greenhand's shop. We are loan sharks  and merchants working for Mr Greenhand  who's the man in contact with "Sharkey". We try to get along with the Watch and the authorities of the Town and keep a respectable profile. The actual role of the kinship and the man behind it (Sharkey) is only known to few even within its members  Cenhard,  Ildrand). New recruits can chose either to know or not what is going on. 

Farmers: Mr Greenhand has recently purchased some land. We hire common farmers to work on it. (Speak to Cenhard or Sylgmar  icly)

Guards: The money-lending business is a dangerous one. We often use guards to ensure that payments are made on time (Speak to Cenhard or Sylgmar icly)

Merchants-Crafters: We sell and promote all sorts of goods, crafters are always welcome. (Speak to Cenhard or Sylgmar icly)

Messangers: To send news to our co-workers in other locations (Speak to Cenhard or Sylgmar icly)

Shady folk (thieves, bandits etc) : Those few that actually know what and who we're working for. Get messages through and do the dirty work (Speak to Cenhard icly)


Acting as the White Hand in other Regions.


Sharkey's Men embodies only a small part of Saruman's war effort in the game. We will only play as the agents that live in Bree-land, the Shire and the close surrounding lands in Eriador. This means that we do not have plans to act in Dunland, Moria, Eregion, Enedwaith or Rohan on a regular basis. The events we might hold in those places IC are few and far between. 

To still give some life to those regions as the minions of Saruman, we can be contacted to act there as in an OOC role. Do you need to have a White Hand minion or group portrait in game? Do you want to assault an encampment of Saruman? Do you want someone to RP for a back story or story in general? Give us a mail in-game or on the LA and we can work something out!


(This options is to the players self to decide. We will only respond and act if contacted or if we, by any reason, contact you. We will bring our own input to a plan and story if not said otherwise. The only thing we do react on with more zeal is if you RP in the Bree-land/Shire area as this is our home turf and affects our own RP greatly.)


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