The Fateless Wanderers

Founding date
To fight evil across Arda
Main area of operations
Kinship type
The Free People
Kinship status
Recruiting Officer(s)


After some years in the sellsword company of The Bloody Dawn Fiontann felt that it was the time to help the Free People, as he always wanted, so he left. Soon he formed the Order and named it The Fateless Wanderers, fateless because he believes that every individual forms his/her own fate and carves his own path in life. Wanderers because they will travel everywhere that is in need and fight Evil in all its forms.


Grand Master: Fiontann, the creator of the Order, the one that gives the orders.

Seneschal: Rothrian, the Grand Master's right hand, Seneschal is in command when the leader isn't there. He advices and helps the Grand Master, in command of the groups that are sent out.

Field Marshal: Mathildah, Tasked with organising the groups and making sure that they have everything needed, always working with the Seneschal.

Huntmaster: A partly honourary title among the archers but during expeditions he leads the archers. To be decided after contest between the archers and hunters.

Quartermaster: The one responsible for the supplies and trading, when in campaigns he's the one that makes sure that the sharing is fair amongst the group, no one gets more or less, even if he has a high rank.

Sworn: The ones that proved themselves by successfully carrying out the tasks, that is the rank that one gets the ring of the Order.

Disciple: Those that haven't proven themselves or are under training, this is the lower rank, once they prove themselves they get the ring and become the Sworn ones.


The kinship is created to travel and RP in other regions of the game, Turbine gave us some awesome locations out there and we want to go and RP there. The Kinship itself is a story of an Order trying to fight Evil, tied with many events that keep it in constant motion. We are trying to keep the realism high, as well as the immersion in the game with our RP, trying to keep the quality high, always within the lore boundaries. To join one has to apply here. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me, in game or in here.


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