Black Market

18th June 2012
To make their own lives better for themselves.
Main area of operations
East Lonelands
Kinship type
None as of yet.
Black Market would call the other brigand groups that sprouted up in their absence Rivals, though none are yet enemies.
Kinship status Disbanded




Black Market was founded 238 years ago by the easterling warlord Narvulcarb Gwiberskarn, in Rhun. Soon after, similar setups were established by his allies in Harad and the Lonelands. The Masters of these 'branches' eventually developed a firm influence in their areas, and soon gained territories, over the years becoming more and more like an independent nation, with their own currency, military and embassies within several areas. Black Market Witherland reached it's golden age one year ago, when Irad Gwiberskarn II briefly took power, and almost shepherded the areas east of Bree. Some time after, Black Market was pushed out of Bree-Land and later was called to Rhun to fight the Rohirrim as mercenaries. Not wishing to leave for battle in his old age, Irad faked his own death, the only way to retire from his rank. Irad was later killed by his arch-enemy Aronorn, although he also died during this battle. Black Market returned from Rhun with a new master, Narcrabor, also known as Crabman, an easterling warlord with distant Gwiberskarn relations. However, due to Crabman's failing health, suffering from a brain tumor, he was forced to step down, and Ricashay Ashenvault has taken his position.

Black Market Witherland:

The kinship you see in Laurelin is the youngest branch of Black Market, Witherland. It is lead by Ricashay, although he is seen rarely by outsiders or lower members. The group is also lead by a council of Marshalls, which currently are Neliawyn, and her father Crabman, who was previous Master before suffering from a Brain Tumor. None of the alliances of Irad Gwiberskarn's reign have survived, as have grudges. The group is lead from the tower of Ost Guruth, of which the inner bailey is locked with a portcullis. The rest of Black Market congregate in the surrounding area. Witherland was originally founded by Sir Pentry, also known as the Serpent, a rogue knight from the end of Arnor, although it was worked by Black Market's founder, Narvulcarb, for a short time before that.

Black Market Greyhearth:

Located far south in Harad, and much more isolated than the other branches, is Greyhearth. It was founded by Skelcar II, the son of Narvulcarb Gwiberskarn. This branch fails to follow any traditions unlike the others, and is constantly adapting to recent customs, economics and politics. Often letters are not successfully delivered to and from Greyhearth. It's lead by Master Largi Bronzenbrow, a dwarf of the White Mountains.

Gwibdolar Kingdom:

The largest, oldest and most powerful of all branches, located in Rhun. From Clan Gwiber of Enedwaith and the Khundolar Easterlings came the Gwibdolar, which are now are completely separate kingdom of Rhun with three large cities under it's jurisdiction. The Gwibdolar maintain strong communications with the Witherland. It's currently governed by Master Tovoschi, and indirect member of the Gwiberskarn line, three times removed.


Black Market was founded in June 2012 originally, becoming a large and popular kinship until members became inactive and operations were pushed out of Bree Land due to the failing numbers. It disbanded a week prior to the death of Irad Gwiberskarn, but was re-founded by the same player in February, 2013. Unfortunately it has fell in hard times once more, and the lack of active members threaten the kinship. Black Market's big brother, Tizarval Tribe, was founded in April of 2012 and is still present, remaining a successful group being Laurelin's only RP Tribe.

Missions and Events

Primary Jobs:

These are the larger raids and tasks, usualy coming from Narcrabor himself (though indirectly). The events are not weekly or annual, and are planned at least 5 days in advance. These jobs are usualy something to do with politics or Black Market's economy. Pay: 20 Gwibers.

Additional Jobs:

Much smaller tasks given by the Marshalls. These tasks are planned on short notice, and usualy don't lead on to other jobs or RP stories, although often connected with larger ones. Norlackale offers work such as testing his newly-discovered potions, and collecting rare components of ingredients needed for his tinkering and alchemy. Neliawyn offers a wide array of jobs, usualy more tailored to the stealthier members. Pay: 10 Gwibers.

Border Guard:

A recurring event given by Thwart, the envoy, which involves guarding the borders of Black Market's territory at Ransom Hill and Long Ears' Slope. Usualy the trespasser will be asked to pay a toll of one hundred silvers, or else their goods (or lives) are forfeit. Pay: 5 Gwibers.

Points Systems (DISABLED)


The IC currency used by Black Market, named for the Gwiberskarn family, ironically made of a copper and skarn alloy. Gwibers are given as rewards for completing jobs, and can be spent on rewards such as cosmetic items, dyes, or rare items. They can also be gifted between members or given by Marshalls for general good behavior. All transactions must come through Norlackale, Thwart or Narcrabor.

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