The Traders of Waymeet

Founding date
December 2013
To protect the bounds and keep the roads open and free of bandits so that trade can continue
Main area of operations
The Shire
Kinship type
Goblins and brigands
Kinship status
Recruiting Officer(s)


Waymeet is a small hobbit community which grew up around the crossroads where the Great East Road and the North Road meet. The Dwarves of Erid Luin and Needlehole in the North would sometimes trade with the Shire folk in Waymeet. It is not uncommon to see a Dwarf merchant or two in Waymeet.
The Traders of Waymeet is a trading alliance between the hobbits of the Shire and the Dwarves of Erid Luin and Needlehole. The alliance also finances and trains part-time bounders to help defend the bounds and roads of the Shire. It also offers some financial support and training for young hobbits who want to learn a trade or two. Many of the hobbits in the kin live in the small village of Pearbridge, just south of Waymeet. Join us and we can help you find a house in this peaceful village.

[OOC] The Traders of Waymeet is Hobbit RP kin dedicated to encouraging players to take part in Shire based role playing. Travelling Dwarf traders are also welcome. Even if you are completely new to RP we will welcome and support you. The kin is small and friendly with an average level is less than 45. For more info see the website above.


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