Black Stamp Bounties

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Bounty Brokerage
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Black Stamp Bounties
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Frankey, Archet, by mail. ((LA Messages will often be replied to quicker, as I can do it via mobile, but in-game mail will be responded to also))





OOC Description

I have decided it wise to write the ooc section first, to help those who are curious about this idea, Here is all the ooc facts I want to get across and will hopefully warm you to this idea.

  1. Firstly, Black Stamp Bounties is a faceless organisation, it is not a kinship, you will not know members unless found out ic...
  2. Next up, what we do, the big aim is to add a working, dynamic bounty hunting/placing system into Laurelin... 
  3. We hope to provide a fair bit of rp for the roaming, free-lancer themed characters, aswell as the rich and tactical, and of course, those who should fear having a bounty placed upon them...
  4. Also, here I can promise one thing, I am not new to Laurelin, but I have recently become inactive, and I can promise that I will be sorting this ic info with the best of intentions, and never will I mess with things which could benefit or affect me, apart from this character, I'll be steering completley clear of the organization and its workings, My aim is to offer a little extra depth for everyone, at no ones expense.

Now, its time to explain the processes a client character will have to go through if he wants to place a bounty on a persons head.

  • So, The organization is a Bounty Brokerage, A client writes to the Broker, saying that they want someone taken care of, they provide a brief on the target, as much detail as they can spare, that may help the hunter, this usually is what of their location is known, and if they will be threat...
  • The Hunter will  be pulled from the Broker (Middle-Mans) database of sorts, The Hunter that is chosen for that certain contract will be the best suited character for the job, all concluding with the big goal, a Tailored Hunter for each target, to make success as likely as it can be.
  • The Broker will hide all information that indicates who the client is, they will be completely anonymous unless they make it known themselves, 

Now, I'll explain the process that a Bounty Hunter must take to get on the Black Stamp's listings, so they are ready contracts.

  • The Bounty-Hunter, must send a letter to Frankey in Archet, within the letter they must provide some details about themselves, specialties, weaknesses, combat style, areas of work within Eriador, and what Kin they are loyal to if any.
  • The Hunters profile will be stored by the Broker, and then reviewed in contrast with each contract.
  • If the Hunter seems best suited to the contract, they will be contacted, with the details.
  • When the Hunter has completed the contract, they will receive payment once confirmed.

The slightly unrealistic, but much needed rules...

So, pretty much, we can't have everyone hunted and killed, so if you want your bounty to be killed, you'll have to make sure the target has agreed to as much, no one wants people to be throwing death blows at their back randomly...

Three terms come with our contracts, the cheapest and most frequent, the 'Lesson' package, which simply concludes in the target receiving a nasty beat down bounty... The next package is the classic "I want them alive" package, usually requesting a capture and delivery of the target... And finally the 'Dead or Alive' package, the easily recognizable bounty, (however, as mentioned the target has to agree to death...)

Also! We do not advise any of our contracts to be completed on the steps of the pony! Or any silly place for that matter, and if a hunter is comprimised due to a silly decision, they'll be removed from the database, should it seem appropriate.

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