Eriador Players

Founding date
September, 2013
Main area of operations
All the stages of Eriador!
Organisation type
Acting Company
Racial type
Organisation teaser
Playing all sorts of stages, and all types of performances! Drama, comedy, improv, or scripted!
Organisation status


Director - Ceylo

Actors - Brahgunda, Eralil, Eylis, (Many more needed!)

Musicians - (Needed)




Tis the time to introduce more entertainment to the folk of Eriador!

In these troubling times, it may be difficult to actually find something new to do.. How about you go to the theatre?

The Eriador players were founded by local aspiring Actress and Play write, Ceylo 'Cel' Eomora, who collects stories from whomever will share as inspiration for her plays! Many of which as based off of the events that are happening in and around town.

Do you have a story to tell? A script you'd like to see performed? Just mail it or hand it to Cel, and if she likes it, she will turn it into a production!

Do you want to participate in the performances? If you can speak clearly and have a good attitude, and a thing for performing before people? The players seek folks who can be either on stage as actors, or backstage playing music, or handling props!

What performances take place? All sorts of them! Be it scheduled, on stage performances with a scripted lines, or improvised skits on street sides and inns from the Shire, to the Lone-lands!

How do you get involved? This is simple! Ask the overzealous Rohir woman with the auburn hair and the freckles! If you are liked, a spot will be found for you!


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