Warriors of Light

Founding date
Saturday/Sunday Midnight (both worlds) August 18, 2013
To bind the worlds of Middle-Earth & Final Fantasy while helping new players learn and grow into friends we can all roleplay with.
Main area of operations
Kinship type
The Varsydian Tribe including members Aerenn & Morthalic & Aerenn's wife Madoline.The Kinship of The Coven & members Verunica & Finaglia.
Kinship status
Dormant (not recruiting)
Recruiting Officer(s)


As darkness shrouds the world in darkness...

The Warriors of Light shall appear.


The was once a world where the four elements were controlled by Crystals. These crystals were full of light and it allowed the world to thrive until darkness began to spread across the land. A prophecy had been foretold where four Warriors of Light would appear and bring the crystals back into the light for they had grown dark with the shadow of this new evil.

Just as the prophecy had foretold, four mysterious strangers appeared in the land and it was not too long after that they had been named as the Warriors of Light, for they had saved many people and slew many a beast with their incredible powers and skills.

 The world had seen many warriors come and go but they were all Knights, Monks, White Mages, Black Mages and even Thieves had a part as well. But there was one of these Warriors of Light who was different.

His name was Xbeus and he was able to use a sword almost as well as any swordsman yet he also could use spells which was unheard of in this land. Only the Black and White mages could wield those powers and they generally had great will to do so yet this often meant they lacked strength to wield such weapons. Xbeus was also able to heal and cure himself and other as well as destroy his enemies with the dark arts. This too was unheard of as it took a person's full dedication to a specific vocation in order to master it. Those who studied White Magic never dabbled in Black Magic and vice versa. Nobody knew where the Warriors of Light had come from and so this power of his was never discovered and even the warriors themselves had no clue as to where they came from nor did Xbeus know why he could handle such skills while no others could.


It was during the final days of their quest did they learn of Xbeus and his powers. It was in a strange dungeon called the "Labyrinth of Time" that they found a library and a small village where many mages lived and told Xbeus that he was also a Red Mage like some of the local also were themselves, Red Mages.

It was even more baffling to learn that there was also rumours of Blue Mages and Wizards who once lived there but has left long ago and nobody ever knew why they left or where they went.

Xbeus stayed and studied very hard and when he finished his lessons he was bestowed with a greater power and was named a Red Wizard.

The Warriors of Light left the strange village and continued their quest until they finally cornered their enemies and vanquished them. The Crystals shone more brilliant than ever and were places back in their various shrines to be kept safe once more.

But there was one last evil lurking in the shadows...

And so the Warriors of Light set out until they found it. It was called the "Master of Time" and it had Blue and Red seals that kept it's great power properly balanced.

During the final battle the Master of Time created a rift and while trying to save his friends, Xbeus was pulled into it and vanished.

A New Beginning

He had learned that this place was similar to where he had come from but was in fact, completely different. It had elves, dwarves, and humans but unlike his world, this place also had a strange people who were called hobbits.

Xbeus also had been changed as he was no longer a powerful wizard but a mere mage as he once was when he had first appeared in the world before this one.

Xbeus had appeared in the land of Lindon which existed throughout the coming of Men and the 1st and 2nd Ages. He was a very mysterious individual whose first real friend's were that of Talagan Silvertongue and Elrond of Rivendell. He was adept at the arcane arts and ancient lore which allowed him to fit in as if he had always lived here. Talagan brought XBeus to the refuge of Edhelion over 600 years ago where he witnessed the destruction of Edhelion. Upon seeing that there was a similarity to this evil as the darkness that had first crept upon the land where he came from he decided to create a kinship to fight the coming darkness and hopefully discover an answer as to why he was brought here and where he had come from but mostly to destroy this evil once and for all.

Thus, the Warriors of Light was born.








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