Fullbridge Village

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30th June 2013
To role-play life around the village of Fullbridge. Based around both Tolkien lore and medieval living.
Main area of operations
Fullbridge, Bree-land Homesteads.
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Dormant (not recruiting)
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Written by Kragosi and Odvil. All images created by Kragosi, so thank you for your great work!

"Why is your town called Fullbridge? I only see one, and it looks rather small."

It might be small but it's the pride of our town, and a symbolic gathering point for many events...but the truth is, we never had a proper bridge! Many years ago, back when this was rough country near the Lone Lands and still largely uncivil, the beautiful town you see today was merely a grazing area for a handful of shepherds. See our steep hills and waterfall? Back in those days, the name of this area was actually ƒüllþ Ridge, until a season of hard rain carved that waterfall and diverted the river. This suddenly lush area attracted caravans, who ended up just staying on more and more, and folks' dialects eventually turned the name into Fullbridge without really thinking about it. And without ever being connected to a bridge! At least, that's the yarn most of us are familiar with...who's to say where the truth lies.

"What's all this about 'tourism?' Most towns have mostly houses."

We have heard of many wonderful towns, similar to ours, that either never quite got off the ground, or didn't last long. This is a terrible thing as we're sure they went to a great deal of work on them. On a lark, we're attempting an experiment of a sort...why not? In earlier attempts, if a town was predominantly residential, you're forced to try things with the folks either already there or who move in, and what is understood need not be discussed: suffice it to say, we've probably all felt the sting at one point or another.

Our experiment is this: if we offer a town that specializes in visitors...they might not be the folks that live there, but they will be the folks we enjoy spending time with! Suddenly all of Laurelin is open to us, and we shouldn't be bound by random constraints and population problems. In a world of those acting out, imagine if we built a stage they're welcome to use: a tavern and shops, public gardens or spas, an opera house or fencing academy, or even a stable with a horse race track around the edge of town. Can you imagine what could be done with a kin home? Anything you dream up would be welcome, and who wouldn't want to come to such a place, bringing their stories with them?

It is our sincere hope that many of our residents old and new will devote part or all of their "home" to the endeavor, or if not, join us in the stories and events that we begin to in some small part play host to. Even a skilled craftsman could welcome visitors into their house-looking home to hawk their wares or offer their skilled consultations.

We ask only that you don't step on the toes of residents we already have...there is no need for a second tavern, for example. If you have any ideas that might fall under this, simply ask that current citizen if there's some distinction the two of you might make. This will not only preserve our prosperity, but our friendships!

"What tourist spots have you built so far?"

We're hoping to build a variety of attractions and entertainment for you! Here is what we currently offer...

1 High Road.

Inn: The Troll's Tankard.

Owner: Odvil Appleark.

You're not planning to go all the way back to the Pony for a pint, are you? We've a fine establishment right here in town! Odvil Appleark offers fine, locally imported drinks at competitive prices, as well as both indoor and outdoor seating. Most likely to be the first thing you'll see as you enter our little town, and hopefully, you'll stop off again as you're leaving! The door is always open for travelers, whether they be Man, Hobbit, Dwarf or Elf!

6 Long Street.
Carpenter: The Lumbering Dwarf.

Owner: Kragosi Tackletrunk.

There's maybe nothing quite as memorable as a dwarven woodsman, but that's what you'll find with Kragosi Tackletrunk. After spending hundreds of years becoming an accomplished lumberjack, training generation after generation of logging camps how to properly swing an ax, "Old Crag" has settled down in Fullbridge as he nears retirement. Spare scraps from large construction jobs allow him to build and whittle fine furniture, fishing poles, and weaponry...but carved with masterful dwarven skill into wood, something otherwise reserved for stone. His spacious showroom is a collection of unique and exotic offerings sure to be the conversation piece at your next gathering, or they just might prompt a compliment from the goblin you're bludgeoning.

5 Chestnut Street.
Beekeeper: Barlough's Bee Yard

Owner: Suton Alsto, formerlly Barlowe Alsto.

For the last decade, the far edge of Fullbridge has been home to Barlough Alsto, Beekeeper to Bree. Fine honey and wax for all your needs -- "even the unexpected ones" -- as well as flowers and other such accompaniments of that trade. Always a polite hobbit and upstanding citizen much admired by Fullbridge, Barlough recently fell ill and left us. Thankfully his youngling daughter Suton was much apprenticed in his trade, and continues the same services with the same dedication to quality. While the Bee Yard is on our outskirts, she can often be found walking around Fullbridge with a tray of the product she has available that day...if you'd prefer to stay away from her bees! And please be Gentle and Patient: she is a child after all, and has quite a bit of growing in (and growing up) to do before the Bee Yard's full compliment of services are reintroduced.

Address Non-existent...it's preposterous!
Thieves' Fence: The Secret Shoppe.

Owner: Don't ask questions like that!

We, the benevolent and dutiful residents of Fullbridge, hear rumors -- rare rumors! -- every so often that our quaint village is home to some nefarious ne'er-do-well that similar sorts refer to as a "fence": being one that buys stolen merchandise, while supplying such scoundrels with the tricks of their trade. Outrageous! A store for thieves? We're rural folk but the notion sounds ridiculous. Every few years we hear the rumor from a visitor, but they clearly have the wrong town! We would like to spend this section quelling this nasty bit of fancy, and reassure all visitors that Fullbridge is a Goodly Town for Goodly Folk! Any known cutpurses or brigands that come to our home looking to act upon such erroneous rumors will be alerted to the Bree Constabulary, where waits the full weight of the Law!

3 High Road.

Burnt Tree Library.

Owner: Brookin Crepsley

Books, scripts, texts and scrolls! Be sure to stop by 3 High Road for all your written needs when visiting Fullbridge. A place of tales and truth, even those who cannot read can enjoy the collection of lore that Brookin has to offer. History, poetry, fiction and non-fiction to name a few subjects that the Burnt Tree library holds within!

4 Long Street.

Sheriff's Office.

Owner: Constable Rhyanda Brenthorn.

Upholding the laws and morals in Fullbridge falls to Constable Rhyanda Brenthorn of the Bree-town Watch, who holds the position of Sheriff. Though young, the Sheriff is both accomplished and well-respected by the honest locals, and feared by those with corrupt hearts. Those who still defy the Constabulary will most likely end up in the cell of the Sheriff’s Office, where the full weight of the law will run its course. Good folk, be comforted! Brigands, tremble in fear! There is at least one person in Fullbridge with their wits about them, and that person is Rhyanda Brenthorn.

"Do you have any available lots?"

We have a collection of fine folks that are already residents, that we're inquiring with about our recent push for tourism. We also have several homes available for purchase right now. Those who feel they have a Role to Play are encouraged to apply...particularly if you have at least part of your home serving as a public tourist destination!

"What do I get if I move into Fullbridge?"

Any are welcome to our town, though we're hoping to make it a stage for the dramas of Middle Earth to play out. If you're the type with drama in your heart, and you come to live with us, you'll be given the following welcome basket (as are all current residents):


  • A wooden sign, logo, sigil or symbol of your choosing, carved by our town woodworker Kragosi whose fine dwarven craftsmanship you see in this Chronicle. A translation of ancient runes came up with the cryptic symbols "Poster 36" x 24" 300 DPI," and though these glyphs be strange indeed, we feel assured that such work can be used for a variety of professional purposes. If there is any interest, Old Crag will also set up his shoppe to put such crests on garments and steins, with no charge whatsoever (by Fullbridge).
  • A bundle of firewood to warm your hearth on your first night, complete in a carved wooden log holder by The Lumbering Dwarf.
  • If you go a step further and not just move to Fullbridge -- along with your Role to Play -- but actually devote part or all of your "home" to a mostly public tourist spot, "Kragosi" will draw a picture of your character. (While that surely sounds a bit backwards -- residents get a sign while businesses get a portrait -- the fact is, the portraits take far farlonger to do!)

"How can the town be managed by players?"

We are currently in the process of forming a 'Local Committee' in order to form an administration for the town; this is of course an IC feature. Despite being called a 'local' management, you do not have to be a resident of Fullbridge to become a member of the committee. But keep in mind: the word of our residents will be held in a higher esteem than that of an 'outsider'. As an administration we will focus on the following:

  • Local events.
  • Tourism.
  • Upholding laws.
  • Neighborhood Watch.
  • Town maintenance.
  • Business inspections.
  • Fullbridge Census.
  • Imports and exports.
  • Local elections.

"How can I be part of Fullbridge?"

Before this is answered, please remember that you don't have to be part of this kinship to be part of Fullbridge. People from various kinships can freely role-play and participate with the town. This village is open to everyone, the kinship element is just intended for the administrative side. However, those who seek to be part of the committee must be a member. If you own a house or business within Fullbridge then you shall receive plenty of advertisement should you wish for it. This can be in the form of a sign or logo created by our very own Kragosi, publicity on our Laurelin Archives page or even getting together and physically bringing people to you.

"Why should I be interested in even looking at Fullbridge?"

The village of Fullbridge is rather unique. It is one of the only remaining homesteads in the game that hosts active homes. Just check for yourself! Many of them are locked by the occupants, but after all, they are private houses. Because of our, active and dedicated neighbors, we feel that it is owed to them that an effort is made to organize things with them and on their behalf. For sure, you can go buy furniture and other wooden items from the Auction House, but wouldn't you prefer to actually go into a shop and have items ordered for you by an actual player? You can head to the Pony and order a drink from a speechless NPC, or you can head to a player-generated tavern and buy drinks from a walking-talking character? This is why Fullbridge is special to us, and we wish to share this experience with you!

"What sort of thing can expect to see in Fullbridge?"

Even if you're just visiting the village, then there will still be plenty for you to do and enjoy. The Committee intends to run regular events around the town, some of which will be based depending on the season. These could consist of horse-racing around a designated track, concerts or even pie-eating. The possibilities are endless, and we want you to help us do this. Many kinships base all their events in a fixed schedule, but not Fullbridge. Being an active town, many residents can be found walking around town, or sitting in their warm homes, so there is a good chance you will come across other members at any given time. After all, it is a village, so people don't lock themselves in their houses until a certain day! So, here is what you can expect to see from us now and in the near future:

  • Working shops that provide actual services, whether you need wood or honey.
  • Regular, fun events based around the town.
  • Active homes to look around and admire.
  • A functional democratic system, which you can be part of.
  • A steady flow of spontaneous role-play from residents and visitors alike.

For more information about events, our residents and more, head over to our Chronicle now!


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