Sworn Wanderers

Founding date
30th August 2012
To wander the lands of Eriador, finding new paths, and defeating evil.
Main area of operations
Throughout Eriador.
Kinship type
None <3
Kinship status
Dormant (not recruiting)
Recruiting Officer(s)


We are Sworn Wanderers

Clicking on links will direct you to the necessary place on our website. The website itself can be found at http://www.swornwanderers.shivtr.com.

Sworn Wanderers is a band of warriors and explorers of every race who enjoy travelling through the stunning lands of Eriador. 
Our members are trained with a healthy blend of loyalty, bravery and curiosity. They are skilled with the arts of scouting, camping and warfare. And, most importantly, they are ready for anything.
There is also another side to Sworn Wanderers that is barely known out of the boundaries of our kinsmen. In the village of Longwich, we own a household that is treated with the upmost of respect. They provide us with food, maps, clothing and other provisions that we may need on our travels. They keep the house clean and ready for any time that one of our squads return.
There are many points to out kinship that  different to other travelling kinships. We run on a regional squad system and our members are sworn in by oath. We are pathfinders, seeking new pathways to places we may or may not have seen before. And, best of all, we have a community of true, helpful members who you would be foolish not to befriend. If you love roleplay, exploring the beauty of Eriador and having a good time, you'll be right at home with us.


Our recruitment process is simple. Contact one of our officers (see below) and they will arrange a time and place to meet for your interview. In this interview, you will be asked about your history in travelling, your skills, your weaknesses and the like. So, be prepared. You will also be asked your preference on a squad.

Wanderers that not only protect the roads and lands of Eriador, but also wanderers who guide the Free Peoples to the frontlines of battle, and perform other tasks within Eriador.
Sworn Wanderers work with a so-called "Squad System". This divides the regions of Eriador into individual squads, such as the Ered Luin Squad and the Trollshaws Squad. Each of those squads has been assigned a Squad Leader, who is able to hand out tasks within their given area of operation. This could be anything from slaying evil, to escorting other players or deliveries.
Upon joining the Sworn Wanderers, one will be asked to choose between one of the squads. It is not certain whether you will join your chosen squad or not, but we will take it into consideration.
The current squads we have at the moment are:
This squad will be assigned to "maintain" the Kinhouse.
Currently not recruiting.
Performs tasks within Bree-Land.
Performs tasks within the Trollshaws.
Currently not recruiting.
Performs tasks within the Lone-Lands
Once you are placed in a squad, however, you cannot transfer to another regional squad unless the circumstances are dire and you have permission from both Avalong and the both the leader of the squad you are leaving and the leader of the squad you wish to move to.
You are not required to stay in your squad's region all the time. If there are more people from your squad online, you can arrange to meet and RP together in your region so then we can have some stories to share with one another.


Avalong Neverfalle

Amnildir Wolfpaw

Edhelstan Isenbrand

Igarthel Swiftrider


Be sure to contact us with any questions you may have!

Thank you!



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