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Brave Breelanders.

After a long and somewhat perilous trip to the North, Angmar to be exact, our reporter Erinwyn met up with the Volunteer Militia for a mission to dun out the dangerous forces of Sauron. Read on to discover her findings on this fine group of brave Men and Women who face dangers daily in order to bring hope to the Free People.

News from the Front-Line!

There trumpets sang both long and loud, And challenge rang unto the cloud. That lay on the Witchking's northern tower, While the Eldar Host awaits its hour.

Breeland Summer Ball

Welcome to the Breeland Summer Ball! Wear your finest outfit, bring your best dancemoves and join Lady Fyxe for dancing, drinks and merriment to celebrate the Summer!

The Missing Company Returns Home

After several months of mystery and turmoil, the company that set forth in search of scattered survivors from last years trade caravan have been sighted passing through the Lone Lands. Has the company succeeded in what they set out to do? Or was their quest folly, only claiming more lives in the search?

Solving problems around Eriador

Problems. Everyone has them. Some are easy to solve, albeit perhaps costing some effort. But other problems aren’t all that easy. So, what do you do when you have an issue that rises above your capabilities? For those brave enough, you venture to Bree and seek out a Man named Gudwic.



Mysterious Relics Cause Concern

News has reached Rivendell of evil runes written onto stone pillars placed around the world. Are they harmless Hobbit pranks, a sign of an imminent invasion or an even more sinister plot by the Enemy?

Stark Message for the Goblins!

Elves of the Loth-i-Lonnath cleanse the warren of Rath Teraig.

A Rumour in Falathlorn

Elves were seen in force, marching and training around Falathlorn.

The Bree-Guard needs YOU!

Ever wanted to do good for your town? Ever wanted to learn how to wield a blade? Ever wanted a uniform? Then join the Bree-Town Guard today!

Elven Warriors Receiving Summons!

Two Elves wander the lands, for the Order. Is there truth to the rumours?