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Stolen Paintings Found In The Shire

Two stolen paintings by a very famous artists hung in a simple hobbit living room for nearly 10 years -- without the hobbit knowing just how valuable they were.


Destroyed By Fire, Inn to be Rebuilt!

Recent Auction Proceeds to Benefit Rebuilding of Destroyed Inn

The 'Open The Southfarthing Now' Campaign Is On !

'People' power is leading a proposal to open the  gate to the South Farthing which has been closed by the local authorities preventing hobbits from visiting this picturesque part of the Shire. 

Basic Survival Guide to Middle Earth ~ Series One

With so many younglings deciding to explore lands far beyond their own, it seems only prudent to write a few tips on how to survive alone or with a small group of companions in these troubled times.

Mysterious Disappearance Of Trees

In a recent report from the south we learned that several regions along the river Isen are experiencing rapid deforestation. - the last refuge of the local Hill-Men tribes is being threatened and devastated by the mysterious disappearance of trees

Reclaming Lost Treasures

This week in the news our reporters from Bree have heard talks of  a very secretive company of dwarves ready to travel to infamous Mines of Moria to reclaim a valuable lost treasure. Is there really such thing in the dark depths of Khazad-dûm ?


So Comes Snow !

Six inches of snow hit Bree in the last few days as freezing blast sends temperatures plummeting. Breeland and the Shire are on alert for a swathe of freezing air from North Forochel to roar in. 


Warhorse Inn Burns!

The newly opened Warhorse Inn goes up in flames!

Black Stamp Bounties

Black Stamp Bounty Brokerage has established a branch in Eriador. Will it cause crime or put a sharp stop to it?

The Death of Jerry Wolfhound

The Leader of Wolfhound's Housekeeping Service dead at the hands of the Bloody Dawn mercenary company and Thilech of the Watch.