Legacy People

Aaldwyn - Man Deleted
Abelthion Abelthion Man Deleted
Addicus Addicus Jacobs Man Deleted
Adillien Adillien Alvey Man Deleted
Adon NONE Hobbit Deleted
Aegadorn Aegadorn (Tree-hidden Arrowpoint) Elf Deleted
AeglirionLegacy Aeglirion Elf Deleted
Aelash Aelash Tolion of Mirkwood Elf Deleted
Aelir Aelir Elf Deleted
Aellai Aellai Neaufire Man Deleted
Aemric Aemric Man Deleted
Aerinion Aerinion Fealdin, Elf Deleted
Aerodin Aerodin, 'Rat' 'Estel' Man Deleted
Aethindil Aethindil "Waldmann" Man Deleted
Aithril Aithril Elf Deleted
Alaweihs Alaweihs Hobbit Deleted
AlcaronLegacy Alcaron Eruellesan Elf Deleted
Alcartano Alcartano Man Deleted
Alfneath Alfneath 'Alfie' Horse-friend Man Deleted
Alphivril Al Elf Deleted
Alyl Alyl Man Deleted
Amaruill Amaruill Calwahelin Elf Deleted
Amran Amran Hwenti Elf Deleted
Amuel Amuel of Dale, daughter of Orthan Man Deleted
Anachlyx Anachlyx the Seer Man Deleted
Anairen Anairen Heilman Man Deleted
Andelith Andelith Man Deleted
Andordal Andordal Elf Deleted
Angoisse Angoisse "Angie" Man Deleted
Angollon Angollon Elf Deleted