Legacy Kinships

Bannockbuck Farm Hobbit Disbanded
Black Market Man Disbanded
Blades of The Forgotten Mixed Disbanded
Bree Adventurers Association Mixed Disbanded
Cherth-e-Eryn Elven Disbanded
Court of Miracles Mixed Disbanded
Dusty and Travelworn Man Disbanded
Edain o Ithilien Man Disbanded
Eglain Man Disbanded
Eyes of the North Man Disbanded
Eyes of the North Man Disbanded
Folk of the Last Homely House Elven Disbanded
For Wrath and for Ruin Man Disbanded
Forest Wardens Elven Disbanded
Forgotten Shadows Man Disbanded
House Audun Dwarven Disbanded
House Blackfyre Mixed Disbanded
House Halatir Elven Disbanded
House of Thangard Man Disbanded
House Sahyn Mixed Disbanded
Ingólemo Luinë Man Disbanded
Istari Nalmë Elven Disbanded
Kautta Kuvastin Man Disbanded
Loth-Elenion Mixed Disbanded
Merchants of Bree Mixed Disbanded
Mor Kathotaar Mixed Disbanded
Order of the Boar Man Disbanded
Piercing the Shadow Man Disbanded
Pindon Village Hobbit Disbanded
Residents of Cliving Man Disbanded