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Second Age of the Sun, later years (before the Downfall of Númenór), near the old haven of Umbar.

Rangers of the North - War in the North

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Official Document

          The Rangers of the North were wandering vagabonds that patrolled the boundaries of Eriador throughout the later years of the third age.

Dunedain Rangers of the North: Archives


Halthorn, Turchiron, Dinengel, the rest of The Green Company, and any other Rangers of the North

Approved Contributors

Halthorn, Turchiron, Dinengel (Anyone who would like to be added to the list can contact me (Dinengel), either on the Laurelin Archives, or in-game. I would be more than happy to add anyone who can contribute)

Chronicle Summary

This chronicle was made in the hopes of centralizing any journals, maps, or other important documents in the possession of  the Rangers of the North. 

Chronicle Content


The most valuable tool of any Ranger of the North is knowledge of their environment. Knowing that it is unlikely that every Ranger would have experience in every environment of Middle Earth, these archives are intended to be the maps, journals and documents compiled by Rangers, concerning Eriador during the tail end of the third age. Any Ranger can contribute to, or read them at any time.


I ask that anyone who would wish to contribute to this chronicle to show respect for the lore and history of the Dúnedain, as well as the lore and history of Middle Earth in general. Nothing in this chronicle should directly contradict the writings of J.R.R Tolkien, or the version of Middle Earth established by Turbine. 

Examples of Contradictions (what not to do) :

1. Make your Ranger a member of the Grey Company

2. Do not make your Ranger an Elf, Dwarf of Hobbit

3. Have your Ranger not be the descendant of a northern Dúnadan (No Men of Dale, Rohan, Gondor, Bree-town, etc.)

The culture of the Dúnedain during the late third age is not quite as well established as some other cultures of Middle Earth at the time, so some subjects are open to interpretation. If you happen to find any discrepancies with the content posted in this chronicle, or perhaps just disagree with anything I have written here, please contact me either on the Laurelin Archives,  or in-game, and I will do my best to help.

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