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4th Annual Haunted Burrow Ghostwalk and Tales

"It's big, it's broad
It's broad it's bright,
It fills the sky on All Hallow's Night.
The grandest sight ye've ever seen.

Tis the Party Tree on Hallowe'en!"


Aye, tis that time o year again. That strange and creepy place that even Mr Bilbo weren't too keen on entering, has reopened it's door. Now, fer those faint at heart and far too scared fer their own good - here's yer chance ter see inside.

Aye, ye heard right. Have no fear, Yer Nan's here ter look after ye all and keep them ghosts and spiders at bay. 

Each year Ah've lead in those brave and no ser brave lad's and lassies, willing ter walk with me. The trick ter it is, ye dunna come as yerself! No, and that's the magic ye see? 

The order o the day is fancy dress ter confuse and scare them that's lives inside. We'll trek from attic ter basement, finding chests hiden and lost hobbits. No fergetting the odd stop now and then fer a wee bite ter eat ter keeps our strengths up. 

We'll end yon night round the fire in Bag End, as we do. I know, I know... her outside is just as scary, but I'll have a word or two with her afore hand - plus a wee something from me still to smooth the way.

We'll share some tales and poems ter scary ye, and hope that her outside stays there!

November 1st, 2015
3 PM (GMT)
We meet at the Ivy Bush in Hobbiton

Meduærn (Mead Hall Friday)

​Ēalā, wes hāl!

We hereby invite all Eorlingas and friends of the Horse-lords to come to Harwick, a settlement in the Wold, famous with its riding academy. The Reeve of the Wold, Aldor of Eastemnet welcomes you to gather in his fine Mead hall!


August 21st, 2015 - August 21st, 2016
3PM Servertime
Mead Hall of Harwick

Ales, Tales & Riddles



Issued by the Fifth Dwarrow Ting and consented by their members that the Tavern of Thorin's Hall is to be used for recreational purposes every Thursday of every week henceforth, and with this the The Dwarrow Ting Assembly welcomes all Free folk of this Middle-Earth to join in festivities and merrymaking. 

With kind permission Rúnulf, the keeper of the bar has agreed to this notion.

The Tavern will be open every Thursday of every week on the 3rd hour past midday and open to all who wish to share in their love of fine ales, tales and mastery of riddle.

January 12th, 2012 - December 12th, 2016
3 pm servertime
Thorin's Hall Tavern

Hûd Eledhrim (Hall of Fire Wednesday)

Hearken to the call, Eldar!

On every such night of the week, we gather in the Hall of Fire. Come for converse, food and drink, music and song, poetry and tale-telling!



May 3rd, 2017
When the moon begins its journey above Arda. [3PM servertime; and for players over the wide sea, 8PM. To find the correct time type /servertime while in-game.]
Hall of Fire, Last Homely House, Imladris
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