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Scholar Adventurer


Warband of Imladris

Outward AppearanceTagos (pronounced Tay-goss) Tall, dark and handsome. Except for the imperfectly set broken nose. To other elves at first glance he looks young but his eyes have the disturbing distant stare of someone who has seen and done too many terrible things in his short but dramatic life. As his heart gets darker his clothes get more spectacular.


Tagos was a 'foundling' raised by humans on the northern fringes of Mirkwood. In his 20th year orcs destroyed the village and he became a wanderer who after many years settled in Imladris.

In many ways he retains the imprint of his early upbringing. Some elves consider him something of a 'barbarian,' which he may well be by the standards of his people. With the arrogance of youth he does not care.

He holds the Noldor who bought down the Curse and enmeshed the people's of Middle Earth in its web as ultimately responsible for all that has happened. His case was outlined in his inaugural lecture on acceptance to the Scholars Guild in Imladris and caused a stir at the time.

His particular disdain is reserved for those Noldor who claim to be of an age to have arrived with the sons of Fearnor and so bear some personal responsibility for what happened yet blame short-lived Men as a race for past actions undertaken while enmeshed in the Curse.

Forced by circumstance and against his temperament to be a fighter, he is now driven to excel and is almost contemptuous of those who haven't made the same effort.

He takes a bleak pride in how dangerous he has become.

Any suggestion that he should hold back in combat will be met by a cold imperious stare, particularly if that suggestion comes from someone he judges has not trained and equipped their selves adequately.

When fighting he is bold and aggressive beyond the point of recklessness, willing to take on any foe.

He has thrice encountered one of the Nine and this has clearly left deep wounds. To see him fight, some think, is to see someone who does not care if they live or die.

He has taken something of a dislike to an elf named Loor who embodies to him the worst of the Noldor that crossed the ice or the sea in pursuit of the Silmarils in both his arrogant disdain of Men and unwarranted claims to authority in Imladris.

His friends have grown increasingly concerned that one day he might just snap.

That loud ominous ticking sound? That's the outlandishly dressed saturnine elf named Tagos.


Khalis, Elisbeth, Tzel and others in his Kinship






Now, he only feels really alive in combat.


Arrogant Noldor who speak ill of Men when some of them are the very people who caused all the trouble in the first place.


By temperament he is a scholar but by dire necessity he is now a killer.


'Others may start fights. Hunters finish them.' 'Trust me. I know what I'm doing'.

Tagos's Adventures

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Tagos's Adventures

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Tagos's Gallery