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Ranger of the Safeguard the North campaign and friend to the elves of Imladris.

AgeAdult in appearance maybe mid 30s
ResidenceAlways on the move, speaks little of his homeland.


Outward Appearance

Ruadan is usually seen dressed in colours which will offer some blending with his natural surroundings. When encountered in the wilds he will often wear a Hauberk of ringmail. 


Ruadan's eye are steel grey in colour and his complexion is fair. He usually wears his hair loose which falls to his shoulders.

A warm smile sits naturally upon his face a first indication to his friendly personality.

The wilderness is home to this ranger more so than any town, thus he is rarely seen in more urban areas of Eriador. 



Ruadan grew up in and around the Starlit lake in Evendim working alongside the defenders of Annuminas. The rangers saw to his training over the many years he dwelled among them until one day he was sent to take a message to one of the Grey Company in the lands of the Eglain. That was the day he encountered elves for the first time.

The next few years he spent in the company of Elweleth in the lands of the Eglain. It gave him the opportunity to hone his woodland skills in the Trollshaws and to have frequent encounters with the elven border patrols from Rivendell. 

Now he has risen in respect among his fellow rangers for his natural wisdom and approach to solving problems. 

Ruadan's is skilled with bow and longsword as to be expected for one of his ilk, but his true prowess lies in his ability to pass through lands unnoticed. Even when seen others seem to simply pay him no notice. He has a good understanding of plant lore thanks to his time among the eldar which he puts to use on his travels.

Image taken from the Dunadain of the North


You will have to ask




The company of elves, there is so much to learn from them.


Ruadan's Adventures

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Ruadan's Adventures

Ruadan's Gallery

Ruadan's Gallery