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Jaded Youth

ResidenceHere and there in Bree-town


Outward Appearance

Hawk is a young person (18) with very fair looks, a svelte body, and a soft, pleasantly husky voice - all of this together makes his gender very, very difficult to determine, even in close quarters. He can pass as either male or female, and sometimes switches roles and clothing to suit his purpose. He has night black hair which reaches longer than his shoulder blades and dark, naughty brown eyes. He's a tall and still growing(~5'11'') and modestly muscular. He's built wiry and lithe, more suited for athletics than full on combat. It's a bit obvious he's got some mixed blood in him, since he doesn't quite look like the average Bree-lander: his mother was actually a beautiful woman from Gondor, pale and with dark features. He inherited his looks and physical traits from her.


(( Back-story is still a work in progress, but here's the lazy first attempt that's in the bio in-game. ))

Hawk is a rascal and troublemaker, with an authority complex and a massive chip on his shoulder towards the rich and the arrogant - especially since he's a bastard child of a Bree-land official and a foreign wench. His fiery determination has led him to learn his letters and his numbers but his greatest skills are those he's learned on the streets: brawling, thievery, and cunning. He is especially protective of Bree-land's poor and lower class, who he helps in any way he can. He is like a stray cat in that he chooses a person to bother and sticks with them until he grows bored or is chased off.


Ruevir, Ingfled, Aeglorond, Raevenhart, Ithelion, Xanderian


His mother is deceased, his father has disowned him


His father, most of the Watch, bullies, authority figures


Causing trouble, drinking, brawling, helping those who need it


Arrogant pricks, dishonest people, people who take advantage of the poor and weak, losing a fight, his father


Protect the weak, help the poor, enjoy himself, get even


''The trickster's function is to break taboos, create mischief, stir things up. In the end, the trickster gives people what they really want, some sort of freedom.'' -Tom Robbins

Hawke's Adventures

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Hawke's Adventures

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Hawke's Gallery