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Xanderian Sianthylèsari



AgeYoung Adult
ResidenceBelfalas or Bree


Outward Appearance

Raven haired and pale, slight of build and delicate even for an elf. She is the physically smallest of her siblings and recently celebrated her 224th birthday, making her still a very young Sindar elleth, practically a girl in the eyes of the Sages of Imladris despite her experiences. She tends to feel and behave far older than her years, however.


As a girl, Xanderian prefered to spend her time outdoors, either hunting or considering the curious nature of the world around her....but more and more now she finds herself content by the hearth of the Prancing Pony. While growing up her time was spent exclusively around other Sindar elves of Rivendell, so in her youth she found other company at best to be annoying and at worse loathsome. Therefore it used to be that many people, even her companions, could find her to be haughty and disdainful at times though she is rarely aware of it. What others considered arrogance she simply called "keeping my own council". Since then she has grown, becoming more and more openly emotional with and about those she cares about. Some would even say overly so. She and her siblings come from a house of no special note amongst the wise, gaining what little dignity and standing they have through service to the House of Elrond and later the free peoples in the war against shadow.

She is inordinately fond of horses, keeping a veritable stable of personal mounts.

She carries a special enmity for the White Hand of Saruman, due not only to their habitual despoiling of nature, but also due to events which occurred during her brief captivity within Isengard, which she has spoken of only to her siblings. Beyond her hatred of the White Hand, she is dedicated to the eradication of all Orcs and Goblins as they are a corrupted species, alien to nature.

In addition, she once had little love for the other free-peoples, considering dwarves to be crude and men to be mainly clumsy and simplistic. She had very little experience with halflings but considered them to be childlike, and at times childish. As she has traveled her views have softened and she has grown to appreciate others, especially the race of men.

Beyond all these traits Xanderian has shared little of her life with any save her closest friends and lovers, beyond the deep bond (and rivalry) she has with her siblings (her older sister Xandilif and her younger brother Xanir). She has commented on occasion, usually late at night by a fire, that she was only drawn from the peace of her near monastic existence by the tales of adventure spun by her bluff older sister and a fervent desire to hold back the orcish threat from overwhelming what remains of her people in Middle Earth.

She has recently indicated since her brief "stay" in Isengard that she also desires to "protect" the younger races and more innocent creatures of Middle Earth, fearing that in many ways they are ill-suited to face the growing darkness from Mordor. She seems to feel this is especially true of the race of Men, whom she once considered beneath notice, but of late tends to view fondly. However she also sees them as tragic due to their mortal natures. She has not shared her reasons for this change save perhaps with her closest friends..if at all.

Of the race of Men, she appears to identify most strongly with the Gray Company and the Rangers of the Dunedain, often wearing keepsakes of her time in their fellowship and speaking fondly of them.

Her cherished bow, an artifact of the First Age, is named Heartbreaker, a name first given it in jest within a humorous song composed by Xanir.

Recently she has pledged her service and allegiance to the Lady Arahen of the House of Orodreth. Around Bree she is most often found in the company of Fillegedhiel, a local smith and Cyndwin of Rohan, an adventuress.


Filegedhiel, Arahen, Cyndwin


Sister: Xandilif, Brother: Xanir


Filegedhiel, Arahen, Cyndwin, Horses, her siblings


The White Hand, cruelty for its own sake, her siblings


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Xanderian's Adventures

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Xanderian's Gallery