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Eyo Acharno Sile.


Ex-Captain and ex-warrior, now hermit.

ResidenceVarious campsides.

She used to be a part of The Black Steel until she departed back to Mirkwood.

Outward Appearance


                         [ Acharno's look at the time of Mirkwood invasion ]


She is 192cm tall slim and thin girl. She is fit and strong, but doesn't really has a musculy structure which some women of her kind tend to be. So overall she looks slender. Her eyes are gray, her hair is dark brown, sometimes white due to natural dyes she uses. Attire is usually simple - a travelling one, not fancy, not expensive, more useful than it looks. Sometimes she wears her elven armor, but definitely not when visiting Eriador. This armor gives her a few more inches of height, which make her look almost like an elf. She usually wears a mask or a hood, trying to hide herself or expose her identity. She is fluent in Sindarin, Westron and Adunaic, simply having no accent so her origin can not be exposed through her manner of speaking. She possesses two types of weaponry which she sometimes has on her: Shield/sword of Evendim and Torograug, her Great Sword, forged by elves of Eregion to fit her grip and slender stature, creating a special balance for her.



Eyo - name she carries from Algraigs of Enedwaith, to commonize her presence amongst tribesmen. 

Acharno - sindarin name, Vengeance. Given to her by Elves of Mirkwood for service to Malledhrim and outstanding will to fight. 

Aerania - name at birth. Mostly written as Era. 

Keo - most common name among Dunedain of her company. Usually she went by that name when referred to her as 'Captain Keo'

Klirani - name she went by in Eriador, mostly, when pretending to be a travelling wanderer. 

Sile - family name she wanted her children to carry, to integrate into the society. 

Amarthaneth - name granted by the sorcerers of the Sorcery Tower. 

                                                                 [ Amarthaneth ]

                                                       [ Herald of the Necromancer ] 

Eyo is of Numenorean blood and Dunedain descend. Her kind is referred to as Rangers or Wanderers, which she truly is. Eyo is one of those people who went East to help in War. She dedicated herself to the Malledhrim of Mirkwood, deciding to fight on their frontier. Currently, she is captured and tortured in now lively stronghold of Dol Guldor. Barely anyone knows of that, that is why her fate is to be determined by the strength of her will...



FriendsNanthon - and elf, who Acharno consideres a friend no matter what. Hesagor - a long time friend, helped her out with everything. Fiontann - she can consider him a friend as she still gets to learn more things about him. Lazaros - probably a long lost friend, who she hasn't seen for a long time.

Haradraug - her father, the only one alive in her family.




She doesn't love anyone since the definition of this word has got no sense to her anymore.


She hates many thing. Hatred is a trade she inherited. Medarandir - her child, who she lost, unfortunately...




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