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Daerundros "Mélien" of Eregion


Sentinel and Weaponsmith



Outward Appearance

A tall dark-haired Elf-woman who appears more akin to an Elf-sire in Spirit. Her accent is rich with sounds stemming from the ancient Gondolindrim, but her use of language and dress is heavily influenced by Silvan dialect and culture. While naturally attractive-looking to most mortal races, she has the air of a veteran warrior about her, and a muscly, broad-shouldered build to prove it.


Daerundros hardly discloses her youthful years in Eregion and Adulthood in Laurelindoránan. She will freely give out more recent happenings and news to others, however. Her given name strangely has no apparent meaning in the High Tongue, common Elven Speech, nor even the dialect of Silvan Elves.

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Arivien, Rildheldiel, Mirineth, Nimlith and many, many more. Yende surprisingly manages to find a spot on the bottom of the list.


A sister named Laurëalassë. Although not related by blood, Daerundros considers Amlarad her "son".


Enemies: The Kinn-lai and Minyelaire mostly.


The Hammer and the Forge, Archery, Battle and Heroics, Hearty Jokes and Dwarves, Playing the Harp, Fine Wines and being within the Company of Friends


Losing loved ones, Being Called out on her desire to "Play the Hero", Not thinking things through, Irrational and impulsive decisions, Bree-town and the Men within, Creatures of the Darkness, and most hated, being questioned over the Line on her Face


Ridding Middle-Earth of Evil through the Ways of the Bow and Sword


"A hawk may fly swift to his master but it is the strength of an Eagle that can survive the storms of the Misty Mountains."

Daerundros's Adventures

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Daerundros's Adventures

Daerundros's Gallery

Daerundros's Gallery