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Erinwyn of Dale, "The Wanderer"


(Former) Shield-maiden and reporter for the Town Crier.

ResidenceStationed with the Grey Repository, but travels a lot for her occupation.

The Grey Repository

Outward Appearance
 The woman you see before you appears mid to late twenties. standing about five foot eight tall, with thick, long hair of a dark, near-black colour. She seems to be smiling often, though at times, a more serious side shows as well, more often than not in her eyes only.
Her eyes, of a peculiar grey colour, cannot hide a certain intelligence and curiosity  when she looks around. And perhaps an assessment could be that her tongue is about as sharp as the blade on the axe that she is rarely seen without.
To those who knew her before her 'disappearance' she may seem changed, more assertive and more authoritarian, carrying the weight of military ways about her.
Despite this, she is not what one would call overly muscular. Though she is certainly well-built, she retains a feminine figure.



Few might remember the figure that used to stalk the fireplaces of the Prancing Pony in Bree, up to some three or four years ago. An often distant seeming Woman, lost in a world of her own. Those who have spent time talking to her, though, know her to be someone who has, despite hardship, always seen the positive side of life. A Woman keen to show a smile and offer a word of advice where desired or needed.

Fewer still, might remember how a Woman hailing from Dale, might have ended up in the Bree-lands. Indeed, today, only two names spring to mind who might know the particulars of that tale. As a faithful narrator of curious tales, I could disclose that story here, now, for all to see and hear, but what would that say about me? I would be portrayed as someone who willingly and knowingly meddles with the stories of others.

 No, my friends, if you should be so fortunate as to stumble upon the Woman now, in the establishment run by master Butterbur, sipping from a tankard filled with a steaming liquid as she watches the seductive dance of flames consuming wood, why not approach her yourself? Ask her for a tale or two. She has plenty to share, or so her colourful past would suggest.

But a word of warning to those of ill repute. Despite that ready smile and approachable demeanour, she is not one to trifle with. Always armed to the teeth, even when weaponry cannot be readily seen upon her person, she does not take kindly to those who bear ill will.

Rumour has it she is now a reporter working for the Town Crier, the news medium brought to life by The Grey Repository.





¬ It's a dangerous business, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to... ¬



- Bilbo Baggins to Frodo Baggins, by J.R.R. Tolkien The Lord of the Rings.



(( I do make banners, examples are the one on this profile, as well as the profile Gliriel. I make banners on request when I have time, and also digital art (photoshopped) examples under: . I usually do this for free. A tip is always welcome though! ;-) ))


Adaron, Aeffe, Arangilas, Daerundros, Edstan, Seaver, Twion - she's becoming downright popular!


Aeffe - who is almost like a little sister. Gothidox, Drandr & Alrewulf - though all relatives in an adoptive manner. Her daugher; Rowena. Her adopted son Leofric.


None Known. Though... doesn't everyone hate Sauron...?


Tea, unquestionably and unrelenting. Seems to have a thing for horses as well. Seaver - wholeheartedly. And of course her children.


Being anything but herself. Angst. Drama. Angsty drama. Dramatic angst... You get the point.




I cannot be anyone but myself. And I happen to like myself.

Erinwyn's Adventures

Erinwyn's Adventures

Erinwyn's Gallery

Erinwyn's Gallery