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The Pied Pipers

Founding date July 2009
Main area of operations Thorin's Hall tavern on Thursday evenings and various other places, mainly Shire based.
Organisation type Band
Racial type Hobbit
Music style(s) Various, everything we play is newly arranged by Firefern, resident composer.
Organisation status Active



Silkweed Tuneweaver - Band leader, player of harp, flute and bagpipes.
Firefern - composer and clarinet player
Cloves, the Amazeling - strings and horn player
Glamua - Theorbo, Harp, lute player
Arcialac - Cowbell player
Erlena - Lute player


The Pied Pipers formed as a kin band from members of the People of Shire. Their purpose is to entertain and also bring a sense of unity and cohesion to the kin.

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