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Sixth Discovery - Riding into the Mountains.

Hall of Fire was as usualy, but joyful like they were most of the time, but this time Mirineth had an urgent mission for us (Most of the Vanimarians): One of Elrond's scouts were reported to be missing and is being held captive at The Bitter Stair; the name made me feel uneasy. I had heard from my father that it was once a grand dwarved home, but now it is said to be cursed with fell beings and Hillmen.

"I shall try to provide my assistance" I said, being an experienced fighter; Of course, I had fears to be told to stay in the valley, but I insisted.

We rode first thing after a period waiting (My first military drill actually; I lacked proper military behaviour) when Ninimeth told me my services were needed at Gloin's Camp, I reluctantly told the other Elves I had remain at the camp. I was saddened and jealous, but I told my share of information about the Bitter Stair. I watched the Vanimar ride first thing, where I started looking at them jealously, but then I realized that I belonged to the Laiquendi Order, and I felt my jealousy ebb away as I realized I should not care much about being "left out".

I contentedly eyed the mountains, wondering if the captive would be all right and if the Vanimar would succeed, but I, knowing their reputation as skilled fighters, relaxed about my growing fears.

Earlier, Tanes and I were conversing, but we managed to trail off into our own thoughts. I was to reluctant to converse much about my affairs with the Vanimar, but I have left it behind. I belong to the Laiquendi Order now, and nothing shall tear me away from them.

The Order is my home...

I am Daerundros Mernil, sworn to the protection of the Laiquendi, and I shall not break that oath."