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First Encounters - Meeting in the Hall of Fire

In a secluded chair I safely skulked, not wanting to draw attention to myself after a perilous journey. How exhausted I lay, panting, on this chair, after awakening from a sober sleep and state of unconsciousness.

How I came to lie on a bed in the Last Homely House, I know not, all I remember is a falling Bear, injuries, and then... darkness.

How this happened, you ask? Well it started all with an escort from Ost Guruth in the Lone-lands. I had received a letter, asking if I would like to have an escort to Rivendell, and I eagerly accepted, not wanting to be left behind after the last, dreadful encounter with a stone-troll while I travelled by night.

Aranglachel came to greet me in the ruins of Ost Guruth, asking if we were ready to move, and I accepted, not wanting to waste another moment in these ruins. We made our journey through the Trollshaws by day, not wanting myself to be lost in the wake of the night, but slowly I started to open away from my shyness, and gradually became more comfortable in the wake of the two Elves travelling with me.

As we made our ascent to the perilious cliffs of the High Moor, we found the dangerous beasts too much to handle for our mounts to swiftly outrun, so we dismounted them and continued our journey on foot.

It was the first real accident I had had. While the beasts did seem to be afraid of Aranglachel and his companion, they were taking a great hunger for me, and I felt myself growing terrified at the animals that were looking at me with a hungry expression in their eyes. Suddenly, a bear, a vale-fly and a Lynx were all on top of me, and I screeched with horror as I felt the animals trying to rip paws, stinger, and teeth into my skin. Aranglachel and his companion tried to pry them off me, but alas! It was too late, and when the bear corpse came crashing down on me, I had descended into a state of unconsciousness, with my fellow travellers on the verge of assuming I was dead. And lo! When I woke up I was lying in a warm bed, unscathed, unharmed, and uninjured.

"How did I come to end up here?" I asked. I could not remember a single thing, until I realized that during my state of unconsciousness, I was on the brink of death myself. However, voices came calling to me to "go back" and I did go back, lying in a warm bed in the Last Homely House.

With no one seemingly caring for me, I got out of the bed, and wandered outside, hearing voices of merriment and laughter. I opened the door and wandered into the Hall of Fire, where a great feast was taking place. Feeling uncomfortable, I decided to go outside and look for my two companions.

I found them at the gates of Imladris, being scolded by a tall elf who supposedly was their Lord. When I came into view, Aranglachel and his friend looked at me and sighed a breath of relief.

"Daerundros! You are.... uninjured I see. How did you survive the bear corpse and arrive in Rivendell?" Aranglachel asked.

"I do not know, I woke up in a bed." I said, "I have also no idea how I came to be in Imladris. Strange indeed!"

After an hour of feasting in the Hall of Fire, I left Imladris, but looking back, I wondered at the mysterious person that had rescued me.