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Of Rangers and Imladris

The air was damp due to the heavy rainfall overnight and the sun was just reaching out as the first fingers of daylight spread out from the mountains to the east. The ranger already awake and breakfasted was suddenly alerted. The morning breeze which accompanied the first signs of daylight brought an all too familiar smell to his senses. He sniffed the air a few times as if to check what he already knew, there was a fire close by, but this was different.

“This is no ordinary fire” he whispered to himself.

Turning to his companion he spoke “There is evil abroad this early morning. Let us saddle our horses and see what stirs this day to trouble our journey”

His companion was already seeing to the horses as the ranger had spoken, with a final tug on their own steed’s girth strap she climbed effortlessly into the saddle. She took a moment to ensure her bow was secure before looking down upon the ranger.

“What is keeping you Ruadan, come on”, she flashed him a smile before touching her heels to her horses flank urging him forward at a canter.

“Rash, young horse-maiden you would rush into the very Gates of Mordor” the ranger cursed but the warrior maiden was already away. No doubt his words were wasted he thought as he mounted his own dark steed.

The warrior maiden had heard his words as she spurred her horse away, she smiled to herself before turning her steed towards the tendrils of making their way up into the morning sky.

A crebain startled at the sudden emergence of two horses with riders from the forest line noticed a glint upon the left shoulder of each rider. Its keen gaze picked out a round emblem with crossed blades – Imladris.