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Coming Home

It had been some days since Earcalie journeyed from Imladris to Falathlorn in the company of Ealendil and other companions. She stopped to take care of her old family house and retrieve some personal effects, while Earcalie continued onward to Forlindon, also for family affairs. It had been not too long a time for the elven reckoning since she left her begetter's estate in the grasslands, but she did miss it, and more she missed the presence of her uncle, whom transferred in the estate since her begetters sailed. She would have visited sooner, but he wouldn't have liked her to travel alone. Ealendil's journey had been the right opportunity.

She smiled, looking around the familiar gardens, the fountain spilling water merrily, the myrtile trees (her mother's favorites) all in bloom, the house itself, white and enameled of gold. 

"Uncle!". A tall figure by the entrance gate waved at her. She called him uncle even though he was a distant cousin of her father. She cared little for this detail and he never minded the oddity. 

Earcalie dismounted from her horse and literally flunged in his arms. "I missed you!". Her uncle  laughed a roaring laughter. "So did I, young lady. You could have sent me notice of your coming earlier you know. I barely had time to prepare the house".

"Do not mind it! I will stay here for most of the summer so are you not happy?"

"That I am. This place feels... empty at times. But I am glad your Order's Lord was so generous to give you leave for so long"

"Yes, well... I am sure Lady Tingruviel referred my message to him".

Her uncle raised an eyebrow. he could not reply however as Earcalie was dragging him in the house, chattering away in her usual uncerimonious way. She "hoped" the Lady ambassador told Lord Tindir...