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Lilthad am-Ethuil Sûl -- Concert in Rivendell

“Hae ephadron theri thaur, aphado nin ennas”

“I go walking beyond the forest, come with me there”


“Up into the night where the world falls away, and the white light of forever fills the air”

“Am na dhû ias fîr i ambar, u, a trehil i 'alad 'lân uir tri 'wilith”


Lindamar, the ensemble of Bar-en-Vanimar, presents a concert with elven themed songs celebrating the change of a season.

Date:May 27th, 2017
Time:3 pm server time (8 pm UK time)
Location:The Spire of Meeting, Rivendell valley

Event details:

As the season changes, and warmer winds brings whispers of joy and merriment, all Elves and Elven-friends are welcome to celebrate Lilthad am-Ethuil Sûl with us, themed through elven music and lyrics.


Bring you favorite kites with you and let them fly high, dancing with the wind, during the concert to be part of the celebration.

Join us in a musical and poetical experience of the wondrous beauty of Arda, to praise all that which belongs in the light and binds us together, and that speaks of greatness yet to come.

OOC details:

This is an in-character and timeless event, as some of the band members are elsewhere. Every one, Elf-friends or good natured travellers of the Free People, with a reasonable purpose for visiting or staying in the valley of Imladris at the time, are most welcome to attend.


Please bring your most festive kites and let them fly high during the concert to help us celebrate.

The concert is planned to take about one hour.


Aralirion, Ealendil, Elvealin, Lindaire, Norliriel

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