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The Thirsty Boar Tavern opened

The Thirsty Boar is open, visit it at Hamglen, 8 Long Street. Come visit us, you may like it!



Next to the door is the pricelist:

All kinds of ale: 13 copper

Beer: 10 copper

Mead: 11 copper

All kinds of strong drinks: 14 copper.

Food: Pay 10 copper at the entrance and eat as much as you want till the evening, after that it's 15 copper.

Those who enter must leave their weapons on the table in front of the door before proceeding in. Fights will not be taken lightly, unless they are fighting without weapons, in that case they may be allowed to fight. If they are daring enough they can fight on the stage for everyone to watch and bet as well!



OOC: Made to be used as a small RP place for those who want something else, there will be events to participate every now and then.  Made to offer a place for RPers that want to try something else.

Only for Men, Hobbits and Dwarves.

No Elves and Beornings due to lore reasons.

Bree Town