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A recurring dream in jail.

Every night since Aallan was locked up in the jailhouse, the dream has been the same.  Over and over again it appears the same except for the ending.  However, these dreams were rather flashes of certain memories of sorts... 

The dreams start with the perspective of a one year old child, trying to walk down the hall way.  It was night, and he knew he needed something to keep him warm in his sleep.  He giggled with glee as he saw a small blanket on the floor across the way.  Stumbling, he got back up every time he fell, joyfully going towards his blanket.  It was then something hit him from the side, knocking him over away from the blanket.  Then a hand went and grabbed the blanket away from him and a loud angry voice could be heard.

"Watch where you're going, and I'm sick of this crap on the floor!"  The voice yelled out.  "Fuckin' hell, you need to be taught discipline!"

Seeing the blanket be taken away from him, he could only reach out in futile attempts to get it back.  Then tears flowed from the boy's face, sobbing he could not have his warmth. A few blinks transitioned the perspective to that fateful day in front of the jail house in Combe.  Rain poured down as the night was still young then.  The now four year old boy tried to run up to the mounted parents on horseback.  He wanted to reach out to them.  He wanted to know everything was going to be ok.  Then a boot to the face knocked him to the ground bleeding and crying. 

"Daddy!  Wha'd I do wrong?"  He cried out to his parents, with sobs breaking up his speech.

"You're soft and spoiled, boy!"  The angry voice snarled at him, with a father's face now showing itself.  "This is where you belong you little shit!"

Before the child could run up and reach again, one armored man gripped him and dragged him inside the jail, as the boy could see his parents ride off.  The door slammed shut, then all the boy could see was dirt and jail cells full of mean looking people.  Then at the end, was a small cage at the end for juvenile delinquents.  Being thrown hard in there, he could feel aching throughout his body.

It was then when he blinked and saw an old woman in a dress.  He blinked again and saw a blue hooded dwarf with a long white beard.  Soon a voice behind him could be heard whispering: "No one can help you!  You don't deserve them!"

Another few blinks and it was Aallan all grown up, picking the lock to the cage he was locked up in, and stepping towards the dwarf named Dufr.  As he took the steps forward, he could also see familiar faces along side the old dwarf... Lockewood, Brynleigh, Conrob, Cesistya, Baldmar, Avilina, Dryn, Amanda....  The walk soon became a run, as he reached out once more towards those familiar people.  However, his progress was halted as chains shackled him to the wall, putting him to a wall as the friends vanished from his sight.  

The father was also changed with graying hair, and a full set of metal armor.  "You don't deserve them... This is where you belong you little shit!"  Then Aallan could feel punches being thrown at him over and over again with no relenting.  What felt like minutes later, the armored father pulled out a dagger and whispered in his ear... "I win, boy."  

In a moment later, Aallan came to in his reality for the past few days: behind bars.