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Green Dragon Friday - 9th anniversary main party

Nine years ago! That's when the local hobbits started meeting at the Green Dragon every Friday night, for musings, music, mead and merriment. Come celebrate the anniversary with us, hobbits! Here are the party plans!

Date:May 19th, 2017
Time:7:30PM UK (2:30PM servertime)
Location:Green Dragon Inn, Bywater

Event details:

Here are the party plans!

  • The Grand GDF Arts and Entertainment Competition - prize ceremony!
  • The Grand GDF Patron Poem Presentation - tell a poem about yourself
  • The Grand GDF Anniversary Meal - 9 courses?
  • The Grand GDF Old Patrons lecture - learn more about the hobbits of old!
  • The Grand GDF Pony Dance - bring yer ponies for a dance outside the inn!
  • The Grand GDF Anniversary Speech - short and sweet!
  • The Grand GDF Fireworks Display - boom!

See below for how yer can sign up for the competitions and poem presentations.

OOC details:

To sign up for entertainment and competitions, have a look at the Grand Order noticeboard. Remember that May 10 is the general signup date, so be out early.

You can sign up for:

  • The arts and entertainment competition:
    • GDF-related songs, stories or poems
    • Paint or draw a commemorative postal stamp for the anniversary
    • Create a GDF-related video
  • The Patron Poetry presentation - recite a poem about yerself
  • General GDF-related entertainment (but that might be entered into the arts and entertainment competition)

Please note that Green Dragon Friday is a hobbit roleplaying event, with traveling dwarves welcome. We kindly ask that men and elves stay away from the event. Not because we are mean and hate you (or the players behind the avatars), but because we'd like to keep the event hobbit oriented and somewhat close to the inn experiences you get from the books.

So, create a hobbit character, stay in-character in /chat, and we'll have a grand good time together!


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