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An unwanted cell visitor...

As Aallan quickly hid away the pen and parchment he smuggled in before his capture, he noticed a familiar man coming in towards the door.  His green and blue battle garb was apparent to who he was... Richard.  As he drew closer to the cell door, it was apparent the usual two guards were no longer there for some reason or another.  

"Hello again, Aallan"  Richard cooly said to the prisoner, as he put one hand on the cell door.  For some reason, the metal armored man was grinning.

"So what do you want?"  Aallan questioned as he raised a brow observing his father place the key into the door.

"Just one thing," Richard said back.  "I want you to know all of this... Brynleigh's arrest, the warrant for your arrest, and even your so called friend getting tied up: you put this on yourself.  How you disgust me is beyond words, boy.  I do look forward to being your executioner."

Aallan dryly chuckled as he stroked his chin.  "So that's it?  You're here to talk me to death?"  

Richard rolled his eyes at him and went to put his hand on his own sword's hilt.  "Don't try to be smart with me, boy.  You know what you did.  All I need now is their verdict or an excuse."  It was then when Richard took his sheathed sword and swung it at Aallan's face, knocking him to the floor before stomping on his right hand.

Aallan knew his father would run out of patience to kill him, but would he really just commit murder behind bars in order to win?  Just as he was thinking this, Richard went to slam his knee into Aallan's chest, giving a rather hard thud without breaking any bones.  Aallan grabbed Richard's foot and dragged him down to the floor with him.  Unfortunately, this then prompted two armored men to rush in and grab Aallan by each arm.  He swung to kick one in the shin, though the other put him in a choke hold.  The two guards then shackled him to the cell wall, with Richard shaking his head as he got up.

  "On the other hand, I think I'll just beat you to death."  Richard sneered as he delivered an uppercut to the chained rogue's stomach.  Then a hilt whip to the face, and a swing to his head.  This went on for about a minute, with Aallan unable to defend himself against the attack.  

"Oi!  That's enough Richard!" One of the guards yelled.  "Aallan Scarlet's going to get his trial.  Watch's orders."

Richard could only growl as he delivered one final fist to his misbegotten son's temple.  Before walking away, he whispered... "I'll look forward to killing your ass, you little shit.  You're pathetic."  

Aallan could only wheeze out at Richard as he watched him walk away.  "Yer one to talk... Dickard.."  He was left there shackled for the rest of the night.