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Foaling Festival!

Come all to Aldburg for this year's annual Foaling Festival!  As the young horses are born, we celebrate their mother's success with games, competitions, vendors, and feasts. 

Date:May 21st, 2017
Time:3:00 pm server time (7:00 pm GMT)
Location:Aldburg, Rohan

Event details:

Painting found here

In celebration to the birth of this year's foals, there will be a festival held in Aldburg, Rohan.   Food will be cooked over the fire in the middle of the massive mead hall with roasted meat and fluffy breads with the lovely songs sang by local scops.  There well be servers amoung the mead hall where everyone can relax.  This will not be opened up until after the games are completed.  

Prepare yourself for numerous games to compete in and potentially win prizes.  Also, bring your beautiful steeds for judging competition of whose is the strongest, prettiest, and best dressed.  There will be many opportunities to partake in these games or perhaps just watch if you prefer.  

And of course do not forget to visit our vendors while you're there.  From clothing to leathers to trophies and more will be sold in celebration of this festival.  There will be many good deals you may not wish to miss.

OOC details:

This event is open to non-kinmembers and kinmembers alike.  If you are not entirely knowledgeable on Rohirric culture, we suggest you check our website ( of where we have a guide to setting up Rohirric characters as well as a section under our forums for lore to help you become situated. Feel free to message an officer of The Folk of Aldburg or The Eorlingas for more information. Also note that this is a human event. Very rarely were Dwarves, Elves, or Hobbits seen in Aldburg. Typically we prefer Rohirrim, but a few Gondorians or so on are alright. We are very happy to have outsiders join our event, but as long as you keep it limited to humans. If you play an Elf or a Dwarf who wishes to attend, please message an officer to discuss it.  

Please keep chat in-character as much as you can and leave OOC conversations to individual fellowships, kinship channels, or tells. Please avoid forced or repetitive emotes. If you wish to cause trouble ICly, that is happily welcome (although do expect to meet consequences), but please try not to cause trouble OOCly for it will not be tolerated. Also, keep entertainment such as songs, stories, poems, and so on lore accurate. Things you'd hear spoken or talked of in Rohan.

 For those of low levels, you can use Mithril Coins bought from the LOTRO store to travel to Aldburg from Breeland stables.  If you do not have proper funding for LOTRO points or Mithril Coins, please message an officer of the Folk of Aldburg and we will be more than happy to assist you in leveling or deeding to gain LOTRO points.  If you do not know your way around Aldburg, again feel free to ask for assistance or resort to our Welcome to Aldburg guide.  

Above all though our biggest rule is have fun. That is what RP is about, isn't it? Feel free to come and enjoy yourself as well as shop from our vendors and take part in our festivities. You are also free to use this sort of event as a trial if you're considering making a permanent character in Rohan.



Seaxa, Audelwyn, Ealhild, Ivorneth, Tunbeorht, or Regnwald

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